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Recent Updates

12/31/99 - Added Movie Trailer for Jet Li's Romeo Must Die.  Updated Hwang Kee page.
12/30/99 - Started Martial Arts Supply page.  Updated Styles page.  Updated Martial Arts Movies page. (Added link to AngelCD for Korean Movies)
12/29/99 - Joined LinkExchange.
12/28/99 - Updated Hapkido page.  Updated Links  page.  (8  more links added)  Added History of Iaido page.  Started Fukui Torao page.
12/27/99 - Updated Links  page.  (4 more links added)  Updated link to James Lew page. Updated Karate page.
12/22/99 - Updated Brandon Lee page.  Updated Brue Lee page.   (1 more links added)  Started Ernie Reyes, Jr.  page.
12/20/99 - Started San Jitsu page.  Started Frank Sanchez page.
12/19/99 - Updated Martial Arts TV page.  Updated Links  page.  (4 more links added)  Modified all Styles pages.
12/18/99 - Started American Kempo Karate page.  Updated Links page. (3 more links added)  Updated Tae Kwon Do page.  Updated Judo page.
12/17/99 - Updated Links page. (4 more links added)  Joined Hyperbanner Exchange.  Added User Poll in Movie Review page.
12/16/99 - Updated Links page. (4 more links added)  Updated Weapons page.
12/15/99 - Updated Korean Martial Arts page.  Updated Japanese Martial Arts page.  Updated Chinese Martial Arts page.  Updated Filipino Martial Arts page.  (6 more links added)
12/14/99 - Started Gene LeBell page.   Started Kathy Long page.  Started Herb Perez page.  Started Jimmy Kim page.  Started Brandon Lee page.  Started Helio Gracie page.  Started Royce Gracie page.  Updated Jackie Chan page.
12/13/99 - Updated Jae Chul Shin page.  Updated Jigoro Kano page.  Updated Gichin Funakoshi page.  Updated Morihei Ueshiba page.  Started Ed Parker page.  Started Hosung Pak page.  Updated In Hyuk Suh page.  Started Jhoon Rhee page.
12/12/99 - Updated Martial Arts TV page.  Became Member of Martial Arts Who's Who Online.  Started Promotion page.  Reformated all Entertainment pages.  Deleted Table of Contents page.   Modified Links page. (16 more Links added).  Updated Tae Kwon Do page.
12/11/99 - Reformated all Who's Who pages.  Reformated all Publication pages.  Added Morihei Ueshiba pictures page.  Modified Links page. (2 more links added)
12/10/99 - Reformated Styles pages.
12/9/99 - Modified Links page (3 more links added).  Added Who's Who page. Started Jigoro Kano page.  Started Jae Chul Shin page.  Started Judo page. 

12/8/99 - Started Pictures page. 7 more links added in Links page.
12/7/99 - Added a book in Bruce Lee Books page.  Started Sammo Hung page.  Modified Links page (3 more links added).  Added Judo Books page. 
12/6/99 - Added Martial Arts Trivia Page.  Updated Magazines page.  Updated Sammo Hung Movies page. Updated Chuck Norris Movies page.
12/5/99 - Added Links Page.  Modified Martial Arts Styles pages.
12/1/99 - Complete Martial Arts.com is officially open.


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