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Recent Updates

12/27/00 - Started Tai Chi Books page.
12/26/00 - Updated Aikido page. Started Stephen K. Hayes page.
12/25/00 - Merry Christmas
12/24/00 - Added 6 new movies to Movies page.
12/22/00 - Added 7 new books to Kung Fu books page. Updated Kuk Sool Won page.
12/11/00 - Started Tae Kwon Do Video page. Started San Shou Books page. Added 3 new books in Kendo Books page.
12/10/00 - Added 1 new book in Tang Soo Do books page. Updated Brandon Lee movie page. Started Phillip Rhee page.
12/5/00 - Updated Capoeira page. Updated Magazines page.
12/3/00 - Started Hapkido Video page. Started Hwa Rang Do Books page. Started Simon Rhee page.
12/2/00 - Started Ken Shamrock page.
11/26/00 - Started Judo Videos page.
11/22/00 - Fixed broken links to Blankbelt Hall of Fame pages.
11/21/00 - Updated Muay Thai Videos page. Started Kuk Sool Won books page. Started Escrima/Arnis/Kali books page.
11/18/00 - Started San Shou page. Started Aikido Video page. Started Kendo Video page.
11/12/00 - Updated Ninjitsu books page.
11/5/00 - Added 2 new swords to Weapons page. Updated Jackie Chan page. Updated Jet Li page. Updated Savate page.
11/2/00 - Updated Hapkido books page. Updated Children's books page. Updated Kung Fu books page. Updated Judo page.
10/29/00 - Updated Grandmaster Haeng Ung Lee page. Updated Grandmaster Hee Il Cho page. Started General Hong Hi Choi page.
10/23/00 - Updated Krav Maga Video page.
10/15/00 - Added 2 new books in Ninjitsu Books page.
10/8/00 - Added The Legend of the Drunken Master trailer in Jackie Chan movie page.
10/7/00 - Updated American Kempo Karate page. Started Martial Arts Posters page. Updated Magazines page. Started Martial Arts in the News page.
10/1/00 - A new book added to Bruce Lee Books page.
9/30/00 - Added 2000 Sydney Olympic Taekwondo Results and Judo Results
9/17/00 - Added a new vendor to Supply page.
9/15/00 - Updated Muay Thai Videos page. Started Capoeira Videos page.
9/14/00 - Started Bill "Superfoot" Wallace page.
9/10/00 - Started Super Brawl Videos page.
9/2/00 - Updated Bong Soo Han page. Updated Don Wilson page.
8/31/00 - Started Hidy Ochiai page.
8/29/00 - Updated Chow Yun Fat Movies page. Updated Jackie Chan Movies page.
8/28/00 - Added Dragon and the Hawk in Movie D page. Started Muay Thai Books page. Started Sambo Video page.
8/20/00 - Updated Jae Chul Shin page.
8/19/00 - Updated Bruce Lee Books page. Started Chow Yun Fat Movies page.
8/18/00 - Updated Movie Revies  page. Started John Chung page.
8/13/00 - Updated Magazines page.
8/11/00 - Started Donnie Yen page. Started Donnie Yen movie page.
8/9/00 - Started Michelle Yeoh page. Started Michelle Yeoh movie page. Updated Jackie Chan movie page. Updated Sammo Hung movie page.
8/7/00 - Started Kickboxing Books page. Started Pa Kua Chang Books page. Started Kumdo Videos page.
7/21/00 - Started Okinawan Karate page. Started Michele Krasnoo Pictures page. Updated Magazines page. Started Paul Vunak page.
7/16/00 - Updated Iaido Books page.  Updated Hapkido Books page. Updated Russian Martial Arts page. Updated Sambo page.
6/28/00 - Started Scott Shaw page.
6/20/00 - Updated Supply page.
6/10/00 - Started Mark Dacascos page.
6/9/00 - Updated Gene LeBell page.
6/4/00 - Updated Weapons page. Started Krav Maga books page. Started Krav Maga videos page. Updated Jackie Chan movies page. Started Keith Cooke Hirabayashi page. Updated Action Stars page.
6/1/00 - Started Mas Omaya page.
5/27/00 - Updated Supplies page. Updated Tae Kwon Do page. Started Kickboxing page. Updated Kendo Books page. Updated Karate Books page.
5/22/00 - Started Savate Books page.
5/16/00 - Added prices on Martial Arts Books.
5/14/00 - Added prices on Martial Arts Movies.
5/12/00 - Added prices on Martial Arts Videos.
5/10/00 - Added Tournament Circuit Pictures 2 page. Started Man Cheuk Chiu page. Started Man Cheuk Chiu Movie page.
5/9/00 - Updated Bruce Lee Books page. Started Pa Kua Chang page in Chinese Martial Arts Styles.
5/8/00 - Updated Movies B page.
4/27/00 - Shanghai Noon added to Jackie Chan Movies page. Updated Tae Kwon Do page. Started Haeng Ung Lee page.
4/26/00 - Updated Tournament Circuit pictures page. Added Rhythm Fist Magazine in Magazine page. Updated Al Dacascos page. Started Ray Geraneo page.
4/25/00 - Started Tournament Circuit Pictures page. Started John McSweeney page.
4/24/00 - Started Joe Lewis page.
4/18/00 - Started Chun Sik Kim page. Updated Tang Soo Do page. Updated Tang Soo Do Books page.
4/7/00 - Received Silver Blackbelt Award. Check it out in Promotion page.
4/5/00 - Updated Jhoon Rhee page.
4/3/00 - Updated Tae Yun Kim page.
4/1/00 - Updated Jackie Chan page. Updated Children's book page. Updated Tae Kwon Do books page.
3/29/00 - Updated Jet Li page. Started Al Dacascos page.
3/27/00 - Started Wesley Snipes Movie pages.
3/16/00 - Started Pat Johnson page. Started Agni Kempo page in Russian Martial Arts section. Started Yuriy A. Kostrov page. Started Agni Kempo links page.
3/10/00 - Updated Body Building page.
3/8/00 - Updated Links page. (1 more link added)
3/5/00 - Added Martialshop.com in Supply page.
2/11/00 - Started Michael Jai White page. Started Michael Jai White pictures page.
2/1/00 - Started Capoeira Books page.
1/29/00 - Added Movie Trailer for Twin Dragon in Jackie Chan's Movie page.
1/28/00 - Started Benny "The Jet" Urquidez page.  Started Kickboxing links.
1/26/00 - Archived December Updates.  Added 1 new picture to Jeff Speaksman pictures page.
1/14/00 - Updated Jean Claude Van Damme Movies page.  Updated Mark Dacascos Movies page.
1/13/00 - Changed the background color for better visibility.  Updated Action Stars page.  Updated Competitors page.  Updated Hall of Fame page.
1/11/00 - Started Savate page.  Started Eric Lee page.  Started Brazilian Jiu Jitsu page.
1/9/00 - Updated Tae Kwon Do page.  Updated Trivia page.  Started Capoeira page.
1/7/00 - Added an User Poll in Main page.  Removed the favorite action star poll in Movies page. Removed LinkExchage banners.  Started Muay Thai Links.  Updated Supply page.  Started Don Wilson page.  Updated Herb Perez page.  Updated Dan Inosanto page.  Updated Kathy Long page.
1/5/00 - Updated Jet Li Movies page.  Updated Jean Claude Van Damme Movies page.  Updated Jackie Chan Movies page.  (Added 6 movie trailers)
1/3/00 - Started Jackie Chan links.  Started Karate links.  Added Movie Trailers for Mortal Kombat and Mortal Kombat 2.
1/1/00 - Happy New Year !!


1999 Updates

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