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Recent Updates

12/29/01 - Updated WMAC Masters page.
12/27/01 - Added 1 new books in Bruce Lee Books page.

12/23/01 - Updated Hapkido Books page. Updated Hapkido Video page. Updated Judo Books page. Updated Judo Video page. Updated UFC Videos page.
11/9/01 - Added 2 new videos in Kendo Videos page.
11/9/01 - Added 3 new videos in Aikido Videos page.
10/28/01 - Started Ninjitsu Videos page.

10/27/01 - Started Kung Fu Videos page.
10/25/01- Added 5 new videos in Karate Videos page.
8/29/01 - Added 2 new books in Jiu Jitsu Books page.
8/12/01 - Started Jeff Speakman page. Updated Michele Krasnoo page.
8/11/01 - Updated Henry Lee page. Updated Jackie Chan Books page. Started Chuck Norris Video page.
3/24/01 - Started Takayuki Kubota page. Updated Mark Dacascos page.
3/23/01 - Updated Entertainment News section. Updated Michelle Yeoh page.
3/18/01 - Started Entertainment News section.
3/12/01 - Started Jackie Chan Books page.
3/10/01 - Added 2 new books in Jeet Kune Do Books page. Started Silat Books page.
3/5/01 - Added Movie trailer for Exit Wounds.
3/4/01 - Added 2 new videos in Capoeira Video page. Updated Magazines page. Started Chuck Norris page. Started Chuck Norris Pictures page. Started Chuck Norris books page.
2/23/01 - Started Steven Seagal Pictures page.
2/11/01 - Started Silat page. Started Arnis/Escrima/Kali page. Updated Muay Thai page. Started Mike Chaturantabut page. Updated Karate page. Updated Movie prices.
2/4//01 - Updated Capoeira Books page. Updated Hwa Rang Do Books page. Updated Jeet Kune Do Books page. Updated Judo Books page. Updated Ju Jitsu Books page. Started Karate Videos page.
2/2/01 - Started Don Wilson Movie page.
1/31/01 - Updated Royce Gracie page. Updated Michelle Yeoh page. Updated Jackie Chan page.
1/24/01 - Started Dr. Moses Powell page.
1/7/01 - Updated American Kempo Karate page. Updated Ed Parker page. Updated Judo page. Updated Jigoro Kano page.
1/1/01 - Happy New Year !!


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