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CompleteMartialArts.com - The Invisible Fist: Secret Ninja Methods of Vanishing Without a Trace

List Price: $12.95
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Manufacturer: Citadel
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Binding: Paperback
Dewey Decimal Number: 355.548
EAN: 9780806520186
ISBN: 0806520183
Label: Citadel
Manufacturer: Citadel
Number Of Items: 1
Number Of Pages: 142
Publication Date: 2002-06-01
Publisher: Citadel
Studio: Citadel

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Customer Rating:
Summary: true ninjas wear biker gloves
Comment: well the biker gloves in the pictures were sort of flashy..........

Customer Rating:
Summary: An Excellent book!
Comment: For anyone who believes that Ashida Kim is a fake I tell you that his writings and wisdom are not to be confused with a common fraud's. This book has excellent techniques, guidelines for life, and pictures. It is a book that is so profoundly written that it has to be reviewed several times by an average person to understand its meaningful context. This is the first book I purchased from Ashida Kim, and it has encouraged me to purchase others. Then, about the demon masks and strange movements to the unbelievers, they might be from somewhat slightly different styles, and about how he mentions everything in Chinese culture, maybe he studied it or something! But I still believe this is an EXCELLENT book by an EXCELLENT offer. Read it!

Customer Rating:
Summary: a waste of paper...
Comment: I'm not going to insult "Ashida Kim", but simply address the curious and those looking for authentic ninjutsu. These books will do nothing but get the reader hurt. He has filled his books with nonsenscical techniques and ideas that are juvinile to say the least. Do not be fooled by his constant bragging of authenticity. He promotes violence and claims that ninjutsu is a super secret art that can only be taught to people "born as ninjas". Then why write books teaching people "how to be a ninja"? I thought it was so "secrect". We are not BORN ninjas. We are born human beings, no one person better then the other. Do not feel you cannot achieve your dreams. Readers, note how many bad reviews you see here, of people calling him phoney and a money trap. There's a reason for such. Use your mind and gut feelings. Authentic Ninjutsu, found under Bujinkan Budo Taijutsu teaches peace and harmony above anything else. Mr. Kim promotes violence and ways to try and seriously harm another person, even take a life. Use your logic, why study books from a such a "round eye" who has changed his name to sound "more oriental". Is that authenticity? To hide your name? He says he cannot say what his teachers name is. Logical reasoning would simply show that he dosen't want people to actually be able to check his credability.

Use your mind, readers and seekers; support of random and violent acts is not the way of a martial artist, and never has been the way of the schools and families that have contributed to ninjutsu over the millennium.

Customer Rating:
Summary: Ashida Kim... Human being, teacher, Ninja.
Comment: If you're reading a review of this book, you're looking for an opinion on which to base your purchase. Here is mine, but I also discern it from the facts. I highly value this book more than any other I own on Ninjitsu. I have learned an enormous amount from it, and it has improved my life. Some people say Ashida Kim teaches only basic karate moves. Ashida Kim teaches invisibility here and stresses it more than anything. The prime concern with all the tactics are hiding oneself to stop or avoid a conflict. There may at some points be moves that resemble karate but, there are only so many ways the body can move. All styles of physical combat are merely variations.

As for Ashida Kim being a fake, A Zen Koan fondly comes to mind (there are a few versions of it): A decorated martial artist comes to a new teacher to learn a new style of combat and is invited in for tea. He talks about all of his victories as the sage pours the hot liquid... when the cup is full, the sage keeps pouring, spilling it on the hand of the student. "WHY DID YOU KEEP POURING???", asked the student. "Your head is like the cup", said the sage.

The point is, Ashida Kim has something to teach. Call it what you will. He isn't here to prove a point, himself, or his style. What you can learn from something and how it affects your life is what counts. There are many roads up the mountain who's summit is your goal. This may be the road for you, maybe it isn't. Life is a learning process.

Customer Rating:
Summary: Ashida Kim is helping people...
Comment: Ashida Kim has as always carefully written a helpful text to help others find the Way. Whether truth or fiction, the book is carefully laid out for those individuals who are capable to find the Way. The techniques in this book, as in all others, require a great deal of practice, discipline and self understanding to make effective, but once one has trained oneself to this level, the techniques do nothing but shine. One will find that other schools only delude themselves into thinking that the skill levels that those in their schools have attained are capable in combat. Some say Ninjitsu would never be good in a competitive arena, some say Koga Hei Long Pao Ying techniques are fairy tale. Only those who have trained themselves to a high enough level will be able to see past their own emotions and mental states to see these techniques for what they are.


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