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CompleteMartialArts.com - Fighting Art of Tang Soo Do (Unique literary books of the world)

Manufacturer: Unique Publications
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Binding: Paperback
Dewey Decimal Number: 796.8153
EAN: 9780865680142
ISBN: 0865680140
Label: Unique Publications
Manufacturer: Unique Publications
Number Of Items: 1
Number Of Pages: 183
Publication Date: 1982-12
Publisher: Unique Publications
Studio: Unique Publications

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Customer Rating:
Summary: An good book at the time it was written.
Comment: I bought this book about 20 years ago and still have it. Considering the time that it was written, it was better than average. It is still a good resource and research item. There were some publishing errors such as mis-identified stances in photos. In his day, he was a reputation as an excellent fighter. It is unfortunate that he lost his way and became a criminal. The two men that appear in the book with him are Terry Updike and George Dobly. The demonstation photos were taken in Terry's dojang, which was in Torrance, CA at that time. Apparently, Garcia had not trained in a while, when the book was written. Updike and Dolby had to assist him with some items in the book.

Customer Rating:
Summary: A must for serious TSD Scholars
Comment: A great introduction to TSD published at a time when virtually no information on the art existed. Any serious scholar of the art should include this in his/her library.

As to the comment by 'Truth' in CA about Mr. Hardman endangering Mr. Garcia's life with his comment concerning Mr. Garcia's incarceration.....this is poppycock. Mr. Garcia's fellow inmates are quite aware of his past no doubt. After all...the information IS a matter of PUBLIC RECORD. Anyone who would use the alias 'Truth' in an attempt to hide their own identity is suspect at best and certainly not a source one would turn to for ACTUAL truth.

Customer Rating:
Summary: Correction
Comment: The book is excellent. However, C.J. Hardman's review is totally inaccurate and by commenting on his incarceration is not only in poor taste, but is endangering Mr. Garcia's life.

Customer Rating:
Summary: Instruction from a "Golden Era" Tournament Fighter!
Comment: Darnell Garcia began studying Karate in 1968 under none other than Chuck Norris. His lineage in the style of Moo Duk Kwan Tang Soo Do then, is Hwang Kee to Jae Chul Shin, to Chuck Norris! He is one of the few to have defeated none other than Joe Lewis in 1972, which won him the Grand Championship at Ed Parker's famed Long Beach Internationals that year. This book includes information up to about 2nd Gup (the first red or brown belt rank in most schools), including the first 8 Hyung common in most Moo Duk Kwan schools: the three Ki Cho Hyung (Il Bu, EE Bu, and Sam Bu) and all five of the Pyung Ahn Hyung (Cho Dan, Ee Dan, Sam Dan, Sa Dan, and Oh Dan).

Garcia offers sensible advice on sparring, self defense, philosophy and forms. This volume is nice to have, but since its original publication in 1982, there have been published books which are more thorough in scope (I recommend Kang Uk Lee's "Tang Soo Do" for its affordability and depth, and Hwang Kee's "Soo Bahk Do Moo Duk Kwan" for its historical value). Why this book has been out of print is nother strange but true story of public record. Garcia became a DEA agent. Unfortunately he was involved in some illegal deals, fled the law, was captured, and eventually ended up convicted of 2 counts of money laundering, theft and distribution of heroin. Garcia was given what amounted to an 80-year sentance in 1991, later reduced to 41 years in 2003. Google "Darnell Garcia, DEA" for the facts & don't be misled by websites that don't post ALL of the trial documents. So this book is definately an interesting collector's item, although more recent works are definately more thorough in scope.

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