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CompleteMartialArts.com - Jeet Kune Do: The Art and Philosophy of Bruce Lee

Manufacturer: Unique Publications (Subs. of CFW Enterprises, Inc)
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Binding: Paperback
EAN: 9780865681101
ISBN: 0865681104
Label: Unique Publications (Subs. of CFW Enterprises, Inc)
Manufacturer: Unique Publications (Subs. of CFW Enterprises, Inc)
Number Of Items: 1
Publication Date: 1987-06
Publisher: Unique Publications (Subs. of CFW Enterprises, Inc)
Studio: Unique Publications (Subs. of CFW Enterprises, Inc)

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Customer Rating:
Summary: Warrior Art
Comment: This book teaches one how to kick freaking ass if neccessary.
Of course Dan Inosanto includes the philosophical aspects of JKD in this book, so it's not all about 'ass-whoppin' but the ass kicking part is great.
Keep in mind that Dan Inosanto is considered pretty much the co-creator of JKD. He helped Bruce Lee all along the way so he deserves credit as being co-creator (almost).
Also, keep in mind that JKD is not so much a rigid system as much as it is a way of staying flexible and being efficient in your fighting skills. Understanding the Tao (way,system,flow)of fighting, not so much really a 'style' per se. Bruce Lee in his later years was very clear on that. He didn't want it to be seen as yet another style as much as a whole philosphical/spiritual system to bring into your fighting that can bring one closer to spiritual enlightenment.
So, get this book, learn to get to enlightenment through physical action and kick freakin ass (in self-defense).

Customer Rating:
Summary: Guro Dan Inosanto is a fountain of Knowledge
Comment: All of Guro Dan's books are excellent. It is a great shame that they are out of print. Beg, borrow and search them out. This one is no exception, shows many facets of Guro Dan's relationship with the founder of JKD as well as the physical aspects of training.


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