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CompleteMartialArts.com - The Complete Master's Jumping Kick

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Manufacturer: Unique Publications
Average Customer Rating: Average rating of 4.5/5Average rating of 4.5/5Average rating of 4.5/5Average rating of 4.5/5Average rating of 4.5/5

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Binding: Paperback
Dewey Decimal Number: 796
EAN: 9780865681408
ISBN: 0865681406
Label: Unique Publications
Manufacturer: Unique Publications
Number Of Items: 1
Number Of Pages: 272
Publication Date: 1989-09
Publisher: Unique Publications
Studio: Unique Publications

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Customer Rating: Average rating of 4/5Average rating of 4/5Average rating of 4/5Average rating of 4/5Average rating of 4/5
Summary: Jump kick technical aspects explained and shown
Comment: It is often said that one cannot learn a martial art without a teacher, and it is my belief that this is true. However, there are technical aspects of many martial arts where the right book will provide valuable assistence. Learning forms (i.e., katas, poomse, hyungs) is one place where a book can help. Another is in fundamental techniques: blocks, strikes, and (yes) kicks. And tae kwon do places a lot of emphasis on kicking.

I teach WTF-style TKD, but when I was a student, learning to perform most of the kicks in this book was a major obstacle, both physically and psychologically. Others in my class could perform the kicks, so I could _see_ them, but no one seemed able to explain to me _how_ to do them.

This book helped; it was almost like the skeleton key I needed to unlock the intricacies of executing the kicks. The jumping spinning versions of the hook and the wheel kicks had been a particular source of frustration for me; Hee Il Cho's way of breaking things down gave me exactly what I needed. I learned to do the kicks, passed the tests, and now use the information gleaned here to help my students. So I can honestly state that this book has been valuable.

The pictures illustrating the techniques are better than average for a TKD book. (TKD books are often deplorable in this respect.) The explanatory text, although written in "interesting" English is easy enough to understand and (for me) to the point.

The exercise sections for improving each kick are more than adequate and reasonably well thought out. I think I could augment these based on personal experience, but what this book has to say on the subject strikes me as very sound.

The only (mild) complaint I have is that the book doesn't illustrate the narabam (jumping spinning roundhouse) kick. I suppose I shouldn't complain, but it would have been nice from a completeness standpoint if that kick had been included. Still, this omission isn't incredibly heinous.

Some of my students have suggested that having videos as an adjunct to the book would also be helpful. That's a good point, since not everyone learns in the same way -- the more visually oriented might consider seeking such additional help. Still, even without the aid of videos, I found this book worthwhile.

Customer Rating: Average rating of 5/5Average rating of 5/5Average rating of 5/5Average rating of 5/5Average rating of 5/5
Summary: A kick to read
Comment: As far martial arts instructions manuals go, I must say that this is one of the best. Master Hee Il Cho shows off acrobatic kicks as well as their combat applications and which muscle groups need to be developed in order to perform these kicks. The only downside I see to this book is due to the advanced nature of the kicks described; they seem to be beyond the reach of most mortal beings and certainly the average martial artist.

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