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CompleteMartialArts.com - The Complete Tae Kwon Do Hyung, Vol. 1

List Price: $13.95
Our Price: $13.95
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Manufacturer: Cho's Taekwon Do Publishing House
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Binding: Paperback
EAN: 9780929015040
ISBN: 0929015045
Label: Cho's Taekwon Do Publishing House
Manufacturer: Cho's Taekwon Do Publishing House
Number Of Items: 1
Number Of Pages: 208
Publication Date: 1988-12
Publisher: Cho's Taekwon Do Publishing House
Studio: Cho's Taekwon Do Publishing House

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Editorial Reviews:

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Customer Rating:
Summary: if you study itf, you must have this book
Comment: Grandmaster CHO gives not only clear and concise directions on perfroming the hyungs, he gives historical and very useful information to the tkd student. There is also very helpful sections on how perform the basic blocks kicks and foot placement in the hyungs. For the beginner to advanced, especially a person thats on the road and trains alone alot, this book is superb!!!

Customer Rating:
Summary: Well done Forms Reference
Comment: The strength of this book is the abundance of photos for each form. The photos are also numbered according to the corresponding step in the form. Several of the more complex steps have multiple photos (6a, 6b, etc.) showing intermediate positions moving from one step to the next. The story behind the form and notes which precede each form are far superior to the "one liners" that usually accompany the forms.

Parts of the book are a little cheesy, however. A section showing Master Cho on various martial arts magazine covers does nothing to add to content. The biography was a little melodramitic.

Fortunately, the heart of the book is very useful, making this book valuable to those practicing the ITF Hyungs.

Customer Rating:
Summary: Contemporary Tae Kwon Do
Comment: this book is what i was trained on. step by step instruction on forms, TKD background and very nicely wrote. again the forms are the traditional and not "westernized" i train my students with it as guidelines for forms. and revert to it often. it is underpriced and a steal for the quality. Reed Sensei, Contemporary TKD, 3rd degree Reiki.

Customer Rating:
Summary: Universal TKD Pattern Book
Comment: This book is very helpful for me when learning the basics of my patterns.

The patterns in this book are ITF patterns, which most Taekwon Do patterns are based upon. In other words, its a very universal pattern book.

What I find most helpful about the book is that it gives you the diagram, interpretation, and number of moves in each pattern, plus clear photographs of the preparation, chamber, and execution of each move.

Customer Rating:
Summary: An Excellent Supplement
Comment: Although this book is sometimes lacking in clarity and explanation, it more than makes up for it by being a great supplement to your normal training and study. I've found myself refering to Master Cho's TKD Hyung Volumes dozens of times after something just didn't click in class. The pictures are well done and logical, and have given me new perspectives on techniques. I have found no equal to these volumes as far as a move-by-move pictoral analysis of the ITF patterns. However, the written content of the volumes is sometimes unclear and lacks thorough explanation. These minor flaws are easily overlooked though when you can see the dedication to Taekwon-Do that Master Cho has. One of the overlooked treasures of these books are the inspirational sayings that Master Cho has accompanied with fantastic pictures of him breaking, doing flying kicks, etc. After a hard night at class when I'm frustrated I come home and read some of these and I realize that it's all worth it. Scott Tingley, I Dan Black Belt, Yom Chi Taekwon-Do Association


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