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CompleteMartialArts.com - Jeet Kune Do Ground Fighting - The Gate, Vol. 2

List Price: $16.95
Our Price: $29.95
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Manufacturer: West Coast Publishing
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Binding: Paperback
EAN: 9780967015521
ISBN: 0967015529
Label: West Coast Publishing
Manufacturer: West Coast Publishing
Number Of Pages: 224
Publication Date: 2002-02
Publisher: West Coast Publishing
Studio: West Coast Publishing

Editorial Reviews:

“The Gate” Volume 2 This is a picture illustration book

This is a detailed analyzation of striking from the bottom of the guard. Mr. Ground shares his vision on self defense, striking, counter punching, attacking, trapping, and kicking. Based upon your opponent's hand position this text will show you how to respond and flow naturally into many striking, trapping & locking techniques.

Spotlight customer reviews:

Customer Rating:
Summary: Outstanding
Comment: I always enjoy a fresh perspective. This book is beyond anything that I have seen to date. The book is a handy guide to the many possible ways to strike from the guard.

The pictures were outstanding. The clarity of the photo's were much better then his last book. The technical analysis is a good addition to each photo. I noticed the last review stated there were bad pictures. The person that wrote that review obviosly doesn't want you to read this book. The last review names a lot of big names however what he states is wrong with the book are out and out lies!

There is a good reason somebody doesn't want you to read this book. The fact is these are outstanding techniques. This is very effective and to the point "JKD". Alan Ground's analysis and ability to put things together with proper flowing is what JKD is all about.

I have had the pleasure of watching a couple of his video's regarding the energy drills for ground fighting. I'm still amazed about how it all comes together.

My suggestion is to do your own research. Don't listen to some bone-head that write's about a bad mount position when this book is about striking from the guard.

Customer Rating:
Summary: If Bruce Lee Fought Like This, He'd Have a Short Career
Comment: Overall, this was a book with great potential and poor results. Let me begin with the technical aspects of the actual book. Typos were legion throughout and I stopped counting after the first twenty blurred photos. Also, many pictures were out of sequence and some times the text did not match the pictures shown. Some of the picture sequences were taken in such a way that masked the technique and the reader could not tell what was going on. Also, some of the sequences did not adequately explain how you got from A to D and you could not tell from the photos. I would have fired my editor, sued him, then gotten a restraining order to keep him away from my book. All these errors erroded the professional credibility of the book.

I must commend Mr. Ground for his innovative approach to groundfighting and striking from the guard. This was a worthwhile intellectual endeavor and helps to expand the knowledge of groundfighting. However, I feel that his approach is fundamentally flawed. He attempts to use the same Jeet Kune Do (JKD) concepts that he uses for stand up fighting and apply them to the ground. However, JKD fails in reality combat as it does in applying it to the guard.
I can think of two Kung Fu artists who fought in the UFC and they both were defeated easily, I don't think anyone else was foolish enough to try. The author fails to take into account the fundamentally superior striking position of the person who is in the guard. People like Mark Coleman, Vanderlai Silva, Tito Ortiz and Igor Vovchanchyn have made careers of pounding people into submission while in their guard. Mr. Ground's fundamental approach is to create space between you and the person in the guard so that the person on the bottom can strike. This approach defies reality...when in the guard you want to eliminate distance to protect yourself from punches and reverse your opponent. Try to punch Mark Coleman from the guard and let me know how it works for you.

I also felt that some of the techniques shown were not technically sound. I don't think pulling someone's hair, pushing your thumb into their neck, or pinching their biceps muscle is a good use of time and energy. Again, reality combat shows these techniques to be useless. Also, I question the elbow and knee strikes to your opponent's elbows that will "result in breaking the arm". In the history of reality combat (ie UFC 1-40, and Pride 1-20) this has never happened. Finally, as a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu student, as Mr. Ground claims to be, I gasped at his examples of the mount where his hips are high and off the ground, a fundamental error of body positioning when your goal is lower your center of gravity and your base.

Finally I felt that the author was exhibiting some shameless self-promotion which was unnecessary. For example, the sign in the background that pronounces "Alan Ground, Jeet Kune Do Groundfighting" was over done. Also, the author's claim that it is proven that he can punch someone eleven times in less than a second offered me nothing except a good chuckle. If his eleven punches are as effective as his groundfighting, the average Jiu-Jitsu fighter will not be losing any sleep.

In conclusion, I feel that a fighter using these techniques on the street will do himself a disservice unless he is fighting Helen Keller. Don't creat distance in the guard, close this distance, wrap your opponent's arms up and reverse him. A good fighter can beat you into submission a la Ken or Frank Shamrock if you give him space in the guard. The guard is not a fundamental striking position, it is a position for submissions and reversals.
I suggest you look into Submission Fighting Techniques by Iverson, the Fighter's Notebook (a thorough work), or Renzo's forthcoming book if you want to learn how to fight from the guard. Also, watch the UFC and Pride and see what works in reality, not just theory. JKD doesn't work standing up in real contests and it doesn't work on the ground. Up to this point, no one has proven these observations wrong.

Customer Rating:
Summary: The Gate: Volume two
Comment: One of the top best Jeet Kune Do books out!! Trapping and striking skills are the heart of JKD. Alan Ground has employed these skill along with JKD concepts and tactics to the Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu guard, creating a new dimension in Jeet Kune Do. The Gate vol.2 is the text book for groundfighting survival, and A MUST FOR WOMEN'S SELF-DEFENCE.

Customer Rating:
Summary: The Gate Volume Two
Comment: One of the top best Jeet Kune Do books out there!! Trapping and striking skills are the heart of JKD, Alan Ground employs the same skills to the groundfighting range. Jeet Kune Do tools and concepts added to Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu guard creating a whole new dimension of combat. The Gate Vol.2 is the text book of ground fighting survival. A MUST FOR WOMEN'S SELF-DEFENSE, and any one in combative martial arts.


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