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CompleteMartialArts.com - Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu: The Master Text

Manufacturer: Jiu Jitsu.Net
Average Customer Rating:

Binding: Paperback
EAN: 9780972890960
ISBN: 0972890963
Label: Jiu Jitsu.Net
Manufacturer: Jiu Jitsu.Net
Number Of Pages: 783
Publication Date: 2001-09
Publisher: Jiu Jitsu.Net
Studio: Jiu Jitsu.Net

Editorial Reviews:

Brazilian Jiu-jitsu, The Master Text is the largest and most comprehensive book about the subject ever written. This book covers Brazilian Jiu-jitsu through clear photographs and easy to follow step by step instructions. Thousands of detailed techniques are broken down into three areas of practice: Sport (with the gi), Submission Grapling, and Vale Tudo (No Holds Barred Fighting). This award winning book is a must-have for any student of Martial Arts.

Spotlight customer reviews:

Customer Rating:
Summary: The Bible of BJJ
Comment: As an avid BJJ competitor with an extensive library, I can honestly say that this is the jewel of my collection.

Because it is probably the best and highest reviewed BJJ book ever written, I don't think I can possibly add anything except my thoughts on the value of this book. Sure, it's $69, but even if you bought $70 worth of other BJJ books, you still wouldn't have as much info as there is in this one. From that standpoint, it's the best value out there. Obviously most others agree.

The only other thing I think I can add is that this book is not out of print. I found the latest edition, which has better binding and quality printing at a popular jiu-jitsu website (against the rules to post it, so I'll just say type in jiu-jitsu and add dot net to it).

This is a monumental achievement and a true gift to the BJJ community that every enthusiast should have.

Customer Rating:
Summary: Great but not perfect.
Comment: Technique wise this book is the way to go. At nearly 800 pages you'll be reading this thing for quite a long time.

-- NO Glossary. Extremely hard to find a particular technique. If you want to look for an armbar, or counter to one you have to spend a few minutes thumbing through the pages looking at the pictures to find what you want. It does have a table of contents but a very limited one.
-- Emphasis on "rule" type fighting. Whether it is Sport Jiu Jitsu, Submission Grappling or Vale Tudo. They all have rules. A lot of the content can be adapted to "street" worthy techniques but be sure you have a qualified instructor explaining how and what needs to be changed to do so.
-- Absolutely NO reality type scenerios. But I doubt this is why someone would buy this book. Like I said there is an emphasis on "rule" type fighting. There are no gun or knife disarms in it or hair grab counters and other "street" situations.
-- Some typos i.e. description says armbar but they're doing a choke. Very few though.
-- Cover price of $69.99 is a little steep.

-- Lot's and lots of techniques. No other BJJ book on the market comes close. If it's in BJJ it's more than likely in this book.
-- Good pictures but not great. Black and white to keep the cost down but still easy to see.
-- Easy to read descriptions of the techniques. Accompanying description of the technique alongside the pictures was very helpful and straight forwared. Not too vague making you wonder what the heck they're talking about.

Final thoughts: Overall a very welcome addition to someone's martial art book collection. Not perfect but one of the better if not the best book on BJJ techniques on the market.

Customer Rating:
Summary: Still the best.
Comment: I've been following this author for years as he was the first to really author Brazilian Jiu-jitsu books. This book has three editions, the one being spoke of is the latest.

I have to say that I disagree with the gentleman from Japan with suspiciously good English. He doesn't do much talking about himself in this book, besides a few details drawing from his experience. He actually supports any suggestions he gives with reviews and interviews done over the years with Gracie family members and black belts.

I also find it funny that you say there is nothing special about the techniques, then recommend the Gracie book, which has a syllabus for white to black belt and only contains @ 100 techniques, some of which are TYPING THE BELT! Yes, you recommend a book that considers tying the belt a TECHNIQUE. The Master Text contains MORE than anyone really needs to know on the mat to perform at an advanced level.

To the reviewer posing about the publisher: this book is being sold exclusively at www.jiu-jitsu.net. If you try to order it from amazon, you will never get it. Also, I am a member of the subscription you speak of there and am very happy with the service. The site was founded by the author, but I believe he has little to nothing to do with the management there anymore. The subscription service includes some helpful newsletters and access to online techniques. The sign up included a free month and was clearly labeled what I signed up for on the order summary, receipt with the latest DVD I purchased and emailed to me with all of the cancellation information should i wish to discontinue before being charged.

TO the reader who made the Vale Tudo comment: I agree with most of your review, but got a different impression. I felt he made it very clear that street fighting and MMA competition are two different things and just made the statement that they are SIMILAR, but actually took quite a bit of time explaining differences and variables.

Anyway, good service from the publisher, great book, but unfortunately, like anything else, there is a lot of competition with a bad attitude, especially in BJJ.

Customer Rating:
Summary: Do not waste your money
Comment: First off, Gene has like chapters dedicated to his philosophy on jiu-jitsu, it's origin, history, etc... and he goes into way too much information on himself, as if we care. Bottom line is, yes, this is a really big book. Unfortunatlly, there is nothing special about the techniques, his descriptions and the pictures are very faint and make it difficult to see what is going on. Really, if this was like 1/4 the price that he is charging, then maybe it would be worth it. Dont buy this, rather spend your money on Renzo's book and Carlson's new book. Ten times better and you can still buy both of them for less than this one costs.

Customer Rating:
Summary: A must have for BJJ book.
Comment: I have many BJJ books, but the "Masters Text" is the book that I take out the most. The Masters Text has more high percentage techniques and less book selling flash moves than any book I have seen. It covers Sport, and Vale Tudo with great detail. The Masters Text is hands down my favorite BJJ book.

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