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CompleteMartialArts.com - Understanding Jeet Kune Do

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Binding: Paperback
Dewey Decimal Number: 796
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ISBN: 0973405481
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Manufacturer: Promethean Press
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Number Of Pages: 172
Publication Date: 2004-06-30
Publisher: Promethean Press
Studio: Promethean Press

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Customer Rating:
Summary: understanding jkd
Comment: I will say understanding jkd by Jason p Korol is one of the best books out on Brucelee art jkd Jason gives the best explation of jkd and all its princaples I really love an learned a lot from what you said in the book I hope you do another book on jkd you are the best keep up the good work Charles Smith out.

Customer Rating:
Summary: A much-needed analysis of the philosophy and strategy of JKD
Comment: At long last, someone has written a book that focuses on the structure and philosophy of JKD. There are already many good technique-oriented books on the market (such as those by Burton Richardson, Chris Kent, and Larry Hartsell), and Sifu Korol does not try to retread this ground. Instead he offers an in-depth, critical analysis of the fundamental principles of scientific self-defense. This is a book that should be taken seriously by any student of the martial arts who aims to train realistically. As an instructor of Jeet Kune Do and jujitsu, I can heartily recommend this work.

Customer Rating:
Summary: A definitive book about martial arts.
Full disclosure: I am a student of the author.

Understanding Jeet Kune Do is a definitive book about martial arts and Jeet Kune Do.

Jason Korol is the Head Instructor at Downtown Martial Arts in Greenville, SC.

This book is not about technique. The "book, ... , is about why Jeet Kune Do is the science of self-defense." (page 5).

In the tradition of Bruce Lee, Sifu Jason asks fundamental questions about the purpose of martial arts and Jeet Kune Do in particular. The answers to those questions create a set of criteria that Sifu Jason uses to evaluate martial art techniques for inclusion into Jeet Kune Do. Do the techniques further the purpose of Jeet Kune Do enhancing Jeet Kune Do's effectiveness? The criterion also allows Sifu Jason to discover new techniques to incorporate into Jeet Kune Do.

Two questions asked by "Understanding Jeet Kune Do" are 1) What is the purpose of a martial art, 2) How does the martial art achieve those goals? While other martial arts can have various purposes, Jeet Kune Do's objective is real self-defense. "Real" is meant literally; not in a sporting sense but in the context of street fighting. Given the purpose of self-defense how does Jeet Kune Do provide a human being, who has two legs, two arms, ten fingers, two feet and a set of teeth, the means to defend him or herself against other human beings in deadly circumstances.

In asking these questions about Jeet Kune Do and martial arts, Sifu Jason gives the reader a way to evaluate any martial art. Whether or not the reader wants to learn Jeet Kune Do, the book gives them strong criteria to understand and a critical look at any martial art.

A few quotes from the Introduction will illustrate my points.

"My goal with this book is to show that Jeet Kune Do is not purely a matter of personal interpretation but an exacting and logical science of self-defense whose teaching must include certain techniques, training principles and strategies in order to truly be Jeet Kune Do." (page 7).

"... Jeet Kune Do is the science of self-defense, ..." (page 8).

"The goal of self-defense is to annihilate or neutralize a threat while putting yourself in the least amount of danger possible. There are many ways to conduct your affairs in combat but only one way is the best way in any given context. The true goal of a Jeet Kune Do practitioner is to discover the best and most integrated way [of combat]... " (page 8).

"Jeet Kune Do techniques and principles, unlike many others [martial arts] are integrated to meet the demands of reality [real streetfighting]." (page 9)

"There is a counter to every technique and a counter to that too, but none to superior positioning." (page 9)

"I have also included a rather comprehensive definition of the philosophy of self-defense as well as the ethical guidelines that every person must consider. This is necessary because self-defense and violence are serious subjects." (page 11)

I strongly recommend the book for anyone with interest in martial arts.

Customer Rating:
Summary: The Definitive Jeet Kune Do Book
Comment: This book is the most comprehensive volume on Jeet Kune Do ever published. It details the entire basis for rational self defense and includes the entire RATIONAL Jeet Kune Do "skeleton". The author writes in a manner clearly, and hierarchically logical and covers the material from the first, most important step through. If you are not immediately motivated by the section on attribute development and training, CHECK YOUR PULSE! You may be dead already. :) Do NOT check your brain at the door!

Rusty Starkey - [email protected]

Customer Rating:
Comment: The sections of the book that I have gotten to read are very informative and easy to comprehend. I think it is a great book and explains JKD very well. As a female JKD student, it is nice to know that a book like this exists, to help further the science of self defense.

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