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CompleteMartialArts.com - Aikido - The Book in Between

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Manufacturer: Trafford Publishing
Average Customer Rating: Average rating of 3.5/5Average rating of 3.5/5Average rating of 3.5/5Average rating of 3.5/5Average rating of 3.5/5

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Binding: Paperback
Dewey Decimal Number: 796
EAN: 9781412033602
ISBN: 1412033608
Label: Trafford Publishing
Manufacturer: Trafford Publishing
Number Of Items: 1
Number Of Pages: 390
Publication Date: 2005-01-31
Publisher: Trafford Publishing
Release Date: 2006-06-30
Studio: Trafford Publishing

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Editorial Reviews:

The first thing that that this book promises is that it makes no promises. Instead, it invites the reader to re-consider and to re-value his views and priorities about life, motivating him to become a promising person. Not just by reading this book, but through practice.

The tool of practice given here is the martial art called Aikido, a method of self-defense and discipline that goes back to Japan's Samurai training.

Aikido-The Book In Between does something daring. It sticks its 'nose' just about everywhere, refusing to "ignore" issues of life just for the sake of being politically correct. Divided into three parts (The Art, The Code, The Way) it stretches to all walks of life: politics, economics, religion, philosophy, command, and also ethics, friendship, love, death, movies, driving... All of it, given from the martial artist "point of view" that separates fairytale and myth, from the "true magic" of the Art.

This book has no doubts. But it leaves the reader the benefit of his doubt, offering knowledge above persuasion. You will not read anything about "diplomas" "ranks" "titles" and "recognitions" of the author. Only a series of his photos appear, that will absolutely stun you!

So, is this book some kind of "Samurai code" re-written? Is it maybe the modern's practitioner philosophy guide? No, it's neither!

Discover for yourself why this book was named "The Book In Between".

Spotlight customer reviews:

Customer Rating: Average rating of 5/5Average rating of 5/5Average rating of 5/5Average rating of 5/5Average rating of 5/5
Summary: The book in between
Comment: If you're looking for a technical martial arts book, then "The Book In Between" is not what you are looking for.
On the contrary, this remarkable book offers a theoretical analysis of the most important aspects of life, from simple "daily routine" subjects,to more philosophical and esoteric ones, from the perspective of an Aikido teacher.
I must confess that in the beginning I was quite reluctant of reading a book of this kind, written by someone who refuses to refer to his background and rank in martial arts. I thought "who is this guy anyway?" That is, of course, until I saw the pictures! In these black and white photos, the author is demonstrating a series of very impressing Aikido techniques, some of them rarely seen nowadays.
As for the text, the author develops his point of view and ideas in various subjects such as nutrition, sex, money, ethics, etc. He is also daring to "touch" sensitive personal and social matters such as religion, politics and death, without neglecting martial subjects such as the Japanese sword, chain of command and how a martial arts' school is to be run.
His opinions, no matter how strict and cynical they may seem are surely reflecting the way of the warrior in modern, daily life. Whether you agree or disagree with him, you will find his ideas quite objective and very down to earth, not at all driven by some sort of fanaticism.
The "vehicle" the author uses to get us to his point is a very "original" writing style (one that sometimes looks like poetry) with a lot of proverbs.
Although you will probably need to read the book more than once to get to the point, it is a "must" at your private library.
By the way, this guy also has a site (marioaikibook.com)
Check it out!

Herman-Matthias Schenker (Mechanic)

Customer Rating: Average rating of 5/5Average rating of 5/5Average rating of 5/5Average rating of 5/5Average rating of 5/5
Summary: Our personal Ithaka
Our personal Ithaka

Homer's Odysseus, after twenty years itinerancy, returned to Ithaca, filled with experiences and knowledge. He fought bravely in the Trojan war, faced Cyclops and Lestrigons, escaped from angry Neptune, and did not get lost in the Faiakas island. Ithaca was not for Odysseus just a destination, but the main reason for the outward journey to life and knowledge.
The author of "The Book In Between" calls us on a journey with him, through AIKIDO, a Japanese martial art. He wishes the reader not to be just a passenger on the boat, the plane or the spacecraft, but the Captain, something extremely difficult.
So this book stands between us and our personal Ithaca. A book that can be read more than once, and still feel like the first time.
"Bon Voyage" and don't be in a hurry to finish it. The further the travel holds, the richer the experiences and knowledge acquired.
Just like Odysseus...

Delis Taxiarchis
MBA Kobe University JAPAN
TEI of Piraeus, Greece

Customer Rating: Average rating of 1/5Average rating of 1/5Average rating of 1/5Average rating of 1/5Average rating of 1/5
Summary: Save your cash...
Comment: Sorry, but this book REEKS. Although I'm sure the author spent considerable time writing this ponderous volume (most of it in a delusional state, probably), it is an enormous, overpriced collection of disjointed, preachy, and largely irrelevant thoughts. There was just no understanding it. It's the worst Aikido book I have ever seen, and the only reason I gave it 1 star was because Amazon wouldn't let me give it a ZERO.

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