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CompleteMartialArts.com - Midaresomenishi: A Tale of Samurai Love

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Binding: Paperback
Dewey Decimal Number: 741
EAN: 9781933440248
ISBN: 1933440244
Label: Be Beautiful
Manufacturer: Be Beautiful
Number Of Items: 1
Number Of Pages: 216
Publication Date: 2007-03-01
Publisher: Be Beautiful
Studio: Be Beautiful

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Editorial Reviews:

When a roguish samurai embarks upon a mission to rescue his brother from the clutches of a fiendish feudal lord, he himself becomes a pawn of the debauched villain. Subjugation, humiliation, and passion ensue in this long-awaited epic by Kazuma Kodaka. This stand-alone melodrama is perfect for first-time yaoi readers.

Spotlight customer reviews:

Customer Rating:
Summary: of love and (gory) death
Comment: Freely must I admit I was prejudiced before reading this.
I feel no love for Kazuma Kodaka's manga series. I found Kizuna one of the worst yaoi titles I have experienced up to now and this one volume manga has only one undisputable advantage, that of being a one volume only story...

First of all a word of caution: even considering the usual standards of yaoi, this one is particularly gory, sadistic and graphic. Not the sex, of course, that seems never to be graphic enough in any yaoi, but the situations which are crude to the utmost.

The plot presents us with some interesting possibilities.
The sado-masochistic love-hate between red-haired Shirou and one-eyed Sougetsu would have offered plenty of opportunities.
The character of Sougetsu's sadist lover could have been spicy and thrilling too.

Their first problem is their lack of depth: so much plot and psychological development was shoved into about 200 pages and too many logical connections are missing.
We are given short flashes, snapshots of sudden emotions and we have to build all the logical links by ourselves... Not a good idea. Not to mention that Sougetsu's obsessive love and pursuit of Shirou at the end appear a mere plot device...

The side characters have wasted potential. Rushed and shabby as they are, depicted just to evict some quick tear from us, they are just irritating.

All this shabbiness is adequately matched by the publisher who has printed the warning about reading from the back of the book in the front of the book instead.

If you're a Kodaka fan you probably will appreciate this story anyway. I cannot.

Customer Rating:
Summary: Rough and intense
Comment: I found this story to be very hard to like. It was an endless rape-fest, with the none of the main characters having any likeable qualities. The only characters that I even remotely cared for were Fujimaru and his jailer and that was a deep sense of pity. All I will say about the little brother and his story is that I was actually happy that it ended up the way it did.

I was confused about the age of Fujimaru. He looked to be ten at the begining of the manga but was said to be much older, eighteen I believe. If that was true the poor kid needed growth hormones.

Rape, hardcore sex, rape, brutality, rape, blood and rape.

Customer Rating:
Summary: Disturbing and Intense
Comment: Midaresomenishi is disturbing and intense. All of the characters have flaws. The hero is almost as vile as the main villan. The ending is anything but happy. These things aren't necessarily negatives. The story is meant to be dark, with a few rays of sunshine thrown in here and there. As a whole, this tale is one I will never forget.

Customer Rating:
Summary: not bad
Comment: I had the Japanese version of this book and I like the cover on that one.The character design is quiet beautiful.And yes the relationships are brutal and I was hoping the manga-ka continues the story -somewhat.

Customer Rating:
Summary: Daring Yaoi Work
Comment: I will not go into details about the story, because the other reviewers have already done so. I think this is one of Kodaka's best works, but it most definitely is serious, brutal, and violent. Her art which has a strong shonen manga influence with strong lines and lots of action, which works very well here. This is a story for adults who want more than the soft, pretty, fluffy yaoi which is the majority yaoi published in the US. If you are looking for something more than a cute romantic story about two school boys, I would recommend this book.

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