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CompleteMartialArts.com - Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

List Price: $11.98
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Manufacturer: Capitol
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Binding: Audio CD
EAN: 0077779106622
Format: Soundtrack
Label: Capitol
Manufacturer: Capitol
Number Of Discs: 1
Publisher: Capitol
Release Date: 1990-03-16
Studio: Capitol

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Customer Rating:
Summary: THE SOUNDTRACK.............
It seems like yesterday, but it WAS long ago. I had gotten into a fight with my family and took off from home. I spent a few hard days on the street but soon was picked up by some dudes who said they could help. They took me to an old warehouse filled with MAD stolen goods. There was a whole society living in there. It was pretty great. They said "anything you wanna do, do it!" I said "You got any cigarettes?" They said "Regular or menthol." We were a family... and we listened to the bodacious beats of the TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES soundtrack. It was great. Especially when Master Shredder would make his dark and mysterious entrances and we would play track eight, SHREDDERS SUITE.
Luckily the Turtles themselves showed up and kicked arse all over the place, and showed us that we were all goons.
SPIN THAT WHEEL is a pretty cool track, for sure.

Customer Rating:
Summary: Back to the Future
Comment: Hey if you say you weren't a fan... I'll show you a liar... 19 now Proud to say was a fan! Really just glad the stopped after #3 cause they ran outta ideas.. They never did put Brain and his BIG @ss Robot in there... Nor BeeBop or Rockstedy If I recall.... This what we do - MC Hammer ( My body is my body, My time is my time) and Of course Ninja Rap - Vanilla Ice Himself

Customer Rating:
Summary: Turtle Power!
Comment: Turtle Power just explains how good this cd is. this is one soundtrack that i heard lately that has all the songs that are in the movie non added nor tooken out. this is an awesome cd you got to try it out.

if you liked this check out Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2 and 3

Customer Rating:
Summary: Yeah, I Own It. So What?! (3 Stars)
Comment: Honestly, I own this CD only because when it came out I was 14 years old and I was infatuated with Ninja Turtles at the time. You couldn't tell me that "Turtle Power" (track 5) wasn't a tight jam back in 1990. I mean, come on, I was still a kid. I still like the song even today (don't tell anyone though). There are some typical 90's styled jams on here though. MC Hammer starts things off with the typical Hammer style track "This Is How We Do". It comes complete with the obligatory chorus from B Angie B. Most of the album jumps back and forth between hip hop and dance music. It's a pretty solid album for kids. But if you're my age and you're still grooving to this.....I'd have to say shame on you. That is, of course while others are looking. When they aren't looking, I'd probably be dancing along with you. This is a fun and carefree soundtrack for a great movie. Nothing more, nothing less. Enjoy.

Standout Tracks: Turtle Power - Partners In Kryme, This Is How We Do - MC Hammer, and Spin That Wheel - Hi Tek 3

Customer Rating:
Summary: TMNT - The Real Deal
Comment: I've been a TMNT fan for about 10+ years, I am 17, I have recently refound my love for them! This and the other 2 cds are a must have for any TMNT fan of any age! It's from the late 80's so it must be good :)

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