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CompleteMartialArts.com - Tarzan and the Lost City

Tarzan and the Lost City
List Price: $9.98
Our Price: $9.98
Availability: Usually ships in 24 hours
Manufacturer: Warner Home Video
Starring: Casper Van Dien, Jane March, Steven Waddington, Winston Ntshona, Rapulana Seiphemo
Directed By: Carl Schenkel
Average Customer Rating: Average rating of 3.5/5Average rating of 3.5/5Average rating of 3.5/5Average rating of 3.5/5Average rating of 3.5/5

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Aspect Ratio: 1.85:1
Audience Rating: PG (Parental Guidance Suggested)
Binding: DVD
Brand: Warner Brothers
EAN: 0085391664727
Format: Anamorphic
Label: Warner Home Video
Manufacturer: Warner Home Video
Number Of Items: 1
Picture Format: Anamorphic Widescreen
Publisher: Warner Home Video
Region Code: 1
Release Date: 1999-07-27
Running Time: 83
Studio: Warner Home Video
Theatrical Release Date: 1998-04-24

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Editorial Reviews:

Casper van dien plays the fearless lord of the apes in this action-packed adventure crammed with exotic locales amazing animals bold exploits and special effects that morph bones into fighting warriors and a man into a gargantuan cobra. Studio: Warner Home Video Release Date: 02/03/2004 Starring: Casper Van Dien Jane March Run time: 105 minutes Rating: Pg Director: Carl Schenkel

Spotlight customer reviews:

Customer Rating: Average rating of 1/5Average rating of 1/5Average rating of 1/5Average rating of 1/5Average rating of 1/5
Summary: region codes
Comment: When I got the movie I found I could not play it because I live in Australia which is region 4. The DVD was Region 1

Customer Rating: Average rating of 5/5Average rating of 5/5Average rating of 5/5Average rating of 5/5Average rating of 5/5
Summary: Good movie, Great actor
Comment: I will admit that I saw this movie because I wanted to see the marvelous Casper Van Dien in a film partially clothed. Part of the beautiful scenery was the african locations and the other part of the beautiful scenery was the partially clothed Casper Van Dien. He is a man that has a beautiful body and is a celebration of the male body. Yes, this movie for me was a guilty pleasure. The movie travels a little too fast and it doesn't expalin too much about what is going on. In my opinion, it could have lasted longer with a little bit more suspense built in to the movie, but it is still a good movie. I do recommend this movie to anyone that likes Tarzan movies and especially to anyone that really likes seeing Casper Van Dien on film.

Customer Rating: Average rating of 4/5Average rating of 4/5Average rating of 4/5Average rating of 4/5Average rating of 4/5
Summary: Tarzan Worth Watching
Comment: I love Casper Van Dien, I liked him in the original Starship Troopers and if your interested in a Tarzan film that is entertaining and light, this is the film for you, your children will love it and Casper Van Dien is definetly easy on the eyes, I thoroughly enjoyed this film even though I am not a Tarzan fan.

Customer Rating: Average rating of 4/5Average rating of 4/5Average rating of 4/5Average rating of 4/5Average rating of 4/5
Summary: Family Entertainment - Finally!
Comment: I went to see this film in the theater when it was released and I have to say, that despite my own personal penchant for wanting darker, more edgy themes, I was thrilled to see a good, old-fashioned, wholesome, straightforward adventure tale suitable for the whole family - just like I enjoyed when I was a kid. Think about it: when was the last time that a film like this was made? I can tell you. It was the 1970s. Nothing since then has been free from vulgarity, excessive violence, sexuality and "complexity" of character that taints the hero - in short, things that are not aimed at nor appropriate for children. The only films for children anymore are animated. The message is that adults don't have time for telling tales of adventure and fantasy to kids and I promise you that the message has been received loud and clear. This film is the one standout I can think of in the last 30-odd years against that trend and I applaud it. In that context it was uncommonly good and by any measure, particularly among fans of ERB, it was among the most faithful to the books of any Tarzan film.

Customer Rating: Average rating of 2/5Average rating of 2/5Average rating of 2/5Average rating of 2/5Average rating of 2/5
Summary: Marginally Entertaining, But Nothing Special
Comment: So many Tarzan films have been released since the days of black-and-white serials in the 1930s, and we have seen an animation version (from Disney), re-told version (`Greystoke') starring Christopher Lambert and Andie McDowell with dunned voice, and just awful versions (`Tarzan the Ape Man' featuring Bo Derek). This Hollywood version with Casper Van Dien/Jane March is not so awful as is sometimes regarded, but still a below average.

There are a couple of bad things about `Tarzan and the Lost City': its scanty and poorly-directed actions and very dull characters. You can hear Tarzan's yelling and see vine-swinging, but as the action sequences (constructed in banal ways) are made with really choppy and hasty editing, there is nothing exciting about the end results which betray the lack of budget and zeal of the filmmakers. Though the film is distributed from Warner Brothers, and some scenes showing the nature of Africa are beautiful to see, the production designs and the props are at best those of the films made for TV. Cheesy effects at the climax scene only made me sad, and this was made only one year prior to the release of much more enjoyable `The Mummy.'

Speaking of which, `Tarzan and the Lost City's resembles at some points this blockbuster hit from Universal Pictures. Both are set in Africa, both about the hidden treasures, both striving to be an Indiana-Jones-like romp. The difference is Casper Van Dien is no Brendan Fraser. Casper Van Dien (and his muscles) is certainly convincing as Tarzan as long as he doesn't talk. It may be his strange British accent or bland acting (or careless direction) that disappoints us most, but whatever it is, this Tarzan could have been better with someone else as star or director. And his fiancé Jane by stilted Jane March doesn't help, nor the dancing chimp in white dress.

This film does one good thing at the beginning, and that is that it reminds us that actually Tarzan is not his real name. He is born John Clayton, now Lord Greystoke, so he has an aristocratic origin. But soon the film forgets that fact, and continues to show the uninspired and unexciting action scenes.

Perhaps Peter Jackson is the only candidate for the right director who can pull off the difficult job of making this legacy of Tarzan a truly thrilling and exciting film. He knows the right cast, the right use of CGI, and would undoubtedly spend enough time and money to realize the world of Edgar Rice Burroughs. Let's wait until then.

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