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CompleteMartialArts.com - Nautilus (1998) (Spanish)

Manufacturer: Mti Home Video
Starring: Richard Norton, Miranda Wolfe, Wendell Gregory, JD Roberto, Brian DiRito
Directed By: Rodney McDonald
Average Customer Rating:

Audience Rating: R (Restricted)
Binding: VHS Tape
EAN: 0619935202832
Format: Color
Label: Mti Home Video
Manufacturer: Mti Home Video
Number Of Items: 1
Publisher: Mti Home Video
Release Date: 2000-01-18
Running Time: 97
Studio: Mti Home Video
Theatrical Release Date: 1999

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Editorial Reviews:

Spotlight customer reviews:

Customer Rating:
Summary: Incredible
Comment: I loved this movie, the actor who played the Lt. Commander gives an oscar worthy performance that leaves you at the edge of your seat.

Customer Rating:
Comment: NAUTILUS is one of those time wasters that you wonder why you bothered.
A tepid script, amateurish special effects and a fairly wooden cast all add up to sink this movie. While it does have an unexpected twist at the end, getting there requires a lot of patience and suspension of belief. I appreciate the conundrum time travel movies generate, but once you take the plunge, the director should at least strive for consistency and a competent cast.
Richard Norton, starting to show his age, but still in pretty buff shape uses his nonchalant machoism, which doesn't serve the urgency of the plot. Hannes Jaenicke (Venomous, Mom's Outta Sight) usually does better, but he's as comatose as Norton in this one. Miranda Wolf tries, but only her lithe beauty keeps her interesting. Christopher Kreisa as Captain Brann needs to return to acting school; he can't carry this kind of role.
Not recommended.

Customer Rating:
Summary: Richard Norton in First Rate Action Pic!
Comment: "Nautilus" begins at a swift and entertaining pace in a moody South American setting where the film's hero, portrayed by Richard Norton with his dependable excellence, eludes his opponents down the corridors of a crumbling hotel. The scene
mixes a comedic tone with action -- not always a successful
combination in the hands of lesser actors. Norton strikes his marks and the fun never lets up as the plot moves into a futuristic world of time travel aboard the high seas. With his able supporting cast, Norton and company make the film a first rate adventure. It is a DVD that action fans will want to own!

Customer Rating:
Summary: Not -ilus
Comment: Any movie which focuses heavily on a time travelling submarine is doomed to start with. Yet the creators of this movie managed to make it even worse than expected. The main feature of this giant submarine was a giant hand lever that actually operated something. Then to top it all off the submarine had lavishly furnished room complete with an abundance of artwork. Wouldn't you suppose that on a time travelling submarine space would be at a premium, and you wouldn't want a hand crank doing anything?

Apparently the creators of this movie disagree. They seemed to be more focused on the super drill which can bore to the center of the earth and provide power for the world. Little does the money grubbing drill owner know that this will cause the end of the world and a drastic outbreak of toxic shock. And apparently this toxic shock can affect the male population and is indeed caused by bad drinking water. I think some writer was sleeping during his junior high health classes.

Even though I give this movie one star, I think you should see it. It's so terrible it's funny. While you're at it, rent Octopus too, that is another submarine classic. That way you can explore the ocean to your heart's content.

Customer Rating:
Summary: I only gave it 2 stars because its at least a SCI FI movie
Comment: I have to give this movie a big thumbs down. It was lacked the technology that it should have had. The Port hole that was the "Main Viewer" for the Nautilus was opened by Hand using a hand crank of some sort which I thought was hilarious that a submarine that could travel thru time would have something that had to be operated by hand...

Many other flaws but I will let you decide..

I am a Sci-Fi fan so I gave it 2 stars

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