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CompleteMartialArts.com - Nihon Jujutsu Vol. 2

List Price: $29.95
Our Price: $35.00
Availability: N/A
Manufacturer: Tapeworm Video
Starring: Nihon Jujitsu
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Audience Rating: NR (Not Rated)
Binding: VHS Tape
EAN: 9781889877402
Format: Color
ISBN: 1889877409
Label: Tapeworm Video
Manufacturer: Tapeworm Video
Number Of Items: 1
Publisher: Tapeworm Video
Release Date: 1999-09-08
Studio: Tapeworm Video

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Summary: This video is still available on DVD here on Amazon. Search for "Norm Belsterling"
Comment: A pretty good beginner level volume that focuses mostly on arm locks + joint locks with less coverage of throws and other moves

This is a pretty good instructional video on a beginner's level and should actually be volume one of this five volume video titled "Nihon Jujutsu" because the Instructor, Norm Belsterling, demonstrates each technique individually and meticulously so that even a beginner can follow along and understand. I think that Volume one of this series should be viewed after this volume 2 of this series is viewed because in volume 1, Norm Belsterling does not actually demonstrate just the technique that he says he is demonstrating. But he also performs 2 or 3 techniques in a series of transitional moves which is impressive to watch. But, I don't think that a beginner can follow along in that video because a beginner must learn each technique individually first. It is metaphorically similar to learning a language. You have to learn some vocabulary of words before you can start to string them together in a sentence. Therefore, If Jujitsu is new to you and you are interested in this video series, I recommend that you watch this volume first and practice by following along with the moves as Norm demonstrates them.
Then, you will have a better chance of following along while watching volume 1.

The other thing that should be brought to your attention before you view this video is that this volume 2 is sub titled "Throwing techniques." But, actually Norm spends more time demonstrating various arm locks and joint locks than he spends in demonstrating throws. I think that this might really upset anyone who buys this volume by itself without buying the whole set because there is the expectation that the volume will focus particular attention on throws.

Norm demonstrates each technique 3 times with a different variation of the same technique or the same technique in a different self-defense application each time.

The following is a list of the techniques he demonstrates in this video:

1. The reverse arm bar with a wrist lock which he calls, "side arm lock"
2. Figure 4 arm lock which he calls, "front arm lock"
3. Japanese arm bar from standing position and lieing position which he calls, "cross arm lock" using the knees to hyperextend the opponent's elbow.
4. A basic lock control arm hold with 2 variations which he calls, "Twine arm lock" and/or "Single Wing Lock."
5. a maneuver into newaza Japanese arm bar from a top straddling pin position
6. a maneuver into a newaza Japanese arm bar from a bottom Saturday nite ride wrestling pin position.
7. a couple of nerve pressure-point techniques against an opponent's hypoglossal nerve and infra orbital nerve.
8. An elbow locking throw
9. Front wrist lock use as a come along technique by law enforcement officers
10. Shoulder throw also known as morote seoinage or ippon seoinage

There is a quick 7 minute summary review of all techniques covered in this video.
This video volume is 56 minutes long.
Norm Belsterling demonstrates a high level of skill that is impressive to watch and I am confident to say that all the techniques he demonstrates will work if performed correctly and for the appropriate application.

Other volumes of this series include:

Nihon Jujutsu Volume 1 Subtitled "Joint Locks & Submissions"
Nihon Jujutsu Volume 3 Subtitled "Chokes"
Nihon Jujutsu Volume 4 Subtitled "Ground Fighting"
Nihon Jujutsu Volume 5 Subtitled "Throwing Techniques"

All of these video volumes on Nihon Jujutsu are still available on DVD. hilite DVD on the Amazon search box. enter "Norm Belsterling" or enter "Nihon Jujitsu" and you should see a search listing for all 5 volumes.

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