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CompleteMartialArts.com - Big Jim McLain

Starring: John Wayne, Nancy Olson, James Arness, Alan Napier, Veda Ann Borg
Directed By: Edward Ludwig
Average Customer Rating:

Binding: VHS Tape
EAN: 5024165658079
Format: PAL
Number Of Discs: 1
Theatrical Release Date: 1952-08-30

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Customer Rating:
Summary: More Accurate than Detractors Would Like
Comment: I have always viewed this as an iconic movie. It largely a forgotten piece, but in reality both records in Russia (excuse me - fmr Soviet Union)and in America have shown that the Communists and their sympathizers were very active, if not ineffectual. Ineffectual does not make them a Non-Threat.

Now to the movie - it is a movie, so reality is stretched. But it is John Wayne and a fine story. I found it entertaining, fun and moved along nicely.

As for those that are Anti-everything (America & John Wayne, etc, etc.) take a chill pill. Most of us do not care about your petty thoughts, concerns and tirades.

Customer Rating:
Summary: Big Jim McLain
Comment: An interesting film envolving John Wayne and James Arness. A must buy for fans of the american legend.

Customer Rating:
Comment: As one of John Wayne earlier movies I found it very slow moving a long.

Customer Rating:
Summary: big Jim McClain
Comment: Big Jim McClain
The Movie
Here we have John Wayne in a propaganda film about why you should hate communists. He plays and agent of homeland security bent on breaking the communist groups of America. It comes off as a hate film to be honest and as a fan of the Duke I don't like this side of him at all. It is easy to see why they took so long to release this film to DVD. Its one not a very good movie and two full of stereo types that in its day I guess was necessary.

The Video
It's presented in Full Frame Black and white. It has a lot of blips and a little flicker in the picture they did not put anything into correcting the films need for restorations. It is a very poor transfer.

The Audio
1.0 mono which is just as well cause it's not that great to listen to anyhow.

The Extras
So You Want To Enjoy Life
This is a Story of a guy who wants to die because he only has 30 days to live. Well it's on the DVD why I have no clue its really not that funny. It's like one long joke that runs about 15 minutes...lol it's actually better than the movie though.

The Super Snooper
A classic Daffy Duck as a private eye we have all seen a million times good one to have.

Theatrical Trailer
Just what the movie is about shows they weren't as good as today. For the life of me I don't understand why they include um if they aren't going to clean them up.

Customer Rating:
Summary: An interesting Cold War era John Wayne movie
Comment: Big Jim McLain is an interesting movie that is a result of the times it was made in, and that has to be considered when watching it. John Wayne is Jim McLain, an agent for the Un-American Committee searching for communists living in the United States. McLain, along with his partner Mal Baxter, are sent to Hawaii to find out who the Communist party leader there is as well as the ten secret party cells hiding out in the islands. Also, McLain falls in love with a woman he meets during the course of his investigation. This is a movie that is hard to explain; it needs to be seen to understand why. It was made in 1952, which is evident throughout. It might as well be a propaganda movie because of the stances taken, but don't get me wrong, that's why I'm recommending it. Big Jim McLain is entertaining, campy fun that is sometimes unintentionally funny. As well, the movie was filmed in Hawaii which looks gorgeous. So for a very entertaining look at a different time in American culture, check out Big Jim McLain.

In the title role, John Wayne plays government agent Jim McLain, a driven, dedicated man who stops at nothing in pursuit of his job. But at the same time, he's frustrated that the people he's trying to get to are protected by the US government and Constitution. Nancy Olson plays Nancy Vallon, a secretary who falls in love with McLain during his investigation and eventually get engaged. Their relationship provide some of the movie's lighter moments and surprisingly works pretty well. In one of his first bigger roles, James Arness plays Mal Baxter, McLain's partner who is as driven as Jim to stop communism because what happened to him fighting in Korea as a Marine. Much of the rest of the cast is an ensemble who McLain and Baxter come across while searching for the Communist party members in Hawaii. One that stands out is Veda Ann Borg as Madge, a woman who has involvement with the Communists and takes a liking to McLain.

The recently released DVD, in conjunction with the Duke's 100th birthday, features a good-looking standard presentation in B & W, two Warner Bros. cartoons "So You Want to Enjoy Life" and "The Super Snooper", and a theatrical trailer. So for an entertaining movie, if somewhat dated, but remember the time it was made, check out Big Jim McLain. It's a different sort of movie for the Duke, but don't let that scare you. And watch out for those Commies, they're cold blooded!

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