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CompleteMartialArts.com - Undercurrent

Starring: Lorenzo Lamas, Brenda Strong, Frank Vincent, Daniel Lugo, Christianne Gout
Directed By: Frank Kerr
Average Customer Rating:

Audience Rating: R (Restricted)
Binding: VHS Tape
EAN: 4012909084582
Format: PAL
Theatrical Release Date: 1997

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Customer Rating:
Summary: Interesting, Porto Rican Agatha Cristie suspense film
Comment: UNDERCURRENT has a Spanish or Puerto Rican flavor in its script, filming
location, actors, music, intertwined with a sentimentality and eroticism,
underlining the the magnetism that can exist between a man and a woman, generally and
the explosive libido specifically.

As such, for those having seen BODY HEAT, with John Hurt and Kathleen Turner, it
has a similar perspective.

Lorenzo Lamas is an easily underestimated from a perhaps shallow acting and
expressiveness, appearing as a simpleton, for the reason that by having a
simple personality and down to Earth, probably many in the audience will relate better
to his character, as is the case for another actor, Christopher Lambert, for example.

The film would have greatly benefited from a wide-screen DVD, which
is missing here.

As entertainment UNDERCURRENT earns good marks from a good effort in various
aspects, such as from the seriousness of the acting and actors, credibility,
sentimentalit humanity and realism of the characters shown. There's also a
musical beauty of the flamenco guitar soundtrack as well as a great location which is
the Porto Rican coastline, encompassing ocean waves, beach, sunsets, a historical and
colonial legacy and monuments.

The plot is difficult to decipher, keeping viewers guessing along the way.

The need for commercialism success at the same time as preserving artistic quality
resulted in a not small portion of the movie occurring in a night club, with full
frontal nudity of the strippers, coupled with libidous encounters between
Brenda Strong and Lamas, obviously voyeuristic.

Frank Vincent reprises his role as an underground member of an organization
on the Island, with an interest in imported narcotics and drinks from Burma,
Panama, and elswhere, played perfectly by Philip Anthony. For fans of Vincent,
keep your eyes peeled for a comical moment with a young lady.

He also says "Don't blow this shot, 'cause of a sudden case of scruples!"

As a critique to the script, its somewhat far-fetched, but it doesn't distract viewers
from the unfolding of the action, as it's imaginative, drawing them into the story.

Strong brings some charm to the one on one rapport with Lamas, who, as stated, struggles
in being versatile in his acting, from a primitive articulation sometimes.

She says "Buy a cat! Because that's the old pu**y you'll be getting tonight!"

Extorsion, rubouts to gain control of operations, setups, corruption of authorities,
the urgency to become head honcho is all shown ...

Anthony says "In the Carribean, you can cut an adulterous's balls, and the jury will
understand, and pronounce an acquittal!"

Overall, this is one of Vincent's finer pictures, both in entertainment quality and
acting effort, and definitely is worth the rental. As stated, it's likely this title
will not pop off the shelves from the lesser known cast.

Customer Rating:
Summary: intense,sexy thriller brimming with intrigue,twists & turns.
Comment: Undercurrent is an intense, sun-splashed, sexy thriller brimming with intrigue and an array ofcagey characters that add to the twists and unexpected turns of this enthralling Latin noir. The film features the fascinating urban neighborhoods of Puerto Rico,including spectacular locations in Old San Juan,picturesque seascapes,palatial homes, elegant hotels, and the cockfight arena contribute to the immense verve and edginess of this lushly filmed psychosexual thriller.

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