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CompleteMartialArts.com - Kill Bill - Volume Two

Kill Bill - Volume Two
List Price: $14.99
Our Price: $9.49
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Manufacturer: Miramax Home Entertainment
Starring: Larry Bishop, Sid Haig, Samuel L. Jackson, Gordon Liu, Michael Madsen
Average Customer Rating: Average rating of 4.0/5Average rating of 4.0/5Average rating of 4.0/5Average rating of 4.0/5Average rating of 4.0/5

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Aspect Ratio: 2.35:1
Audience Rating: NC-17
Binding: DVD
EAN: 9780788855733
Format: Anamorphic
ISBN: 0788855735
Label: Miramax Home Entertainment
Manufacturer: Miramax Home Entertainment
Number Of Items: 1
Publisher: Miramax Home Entertainment
Region Code: 1
Release Date: 2004-08-10
Running Time: 137
Studio: Miramax Home Entertainment
Theatrical Release Date: 2004-04-16

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Editorial Reviews:

The Bride, a former member the Deadly Viper Assassination Squad continues to seek revenge for the death of her groom and unborn child at the hands of her associates.
No Track Information Available
Media Type: DVD
Street Release Date: 06/07/2005

Spotlight customer reviews:

Customer Rating: Average rating of 5/5Average rating of 5/5Average rating of 5/5Average rating of 5/5Average rating of 5/5
Summary: Finally Volume 2 in Blu-ray w/HDMI & 5.1 for the HD Home Theater does this masterpiece film Justice!! (explained)
Comment: Welcome to the incredible world of Blu-ray movies. Only to be completely appreciated with the sum of ALL necessary components to carry this technology off!!

My Qualifying Statement: I have a HD Home Theater weighing in at about $2000, plus movies. The breakdown; a Mitsubishi HD Projector (HC-1500) $800 (orig $1495)*see my review*, a Sony 5.1 Sound System (HT-SS2300) $399 (orig $499) and a Sony PLAYSTATION 3 game system with Blu-ray Player included $399 (orig $499) *see my review*. Sony High Speed HDMI cables $150 (orig $180) and HD Screen Paint and Kit $180 for my 108" viewing wall screen. With this True HD 1080p (1920x1080 lines) and 5.1 Dolby Cinema Sound (DCS)system I've assembled a HD Home Theater with sight and sound equal to an IMAX (on a smaller scale) presentation.

With this consideration and background information provided I can now comment on this Blu-ray version of "KILL BILL Volume 2". Presented in Full HD 1080p (1920x1080 lines) with DCS (5 speaker and a subwoofer) we can now completely enjoy Quentin Tarantino's genius in this complex action packed, well executed, perfectly cast, Directed and Written critically acclaimed masterpiece film saga.

THE MUSICAL SCORE IS AWESOME!!!!! Especially in 5.1!!!!!

This movie is pure eye candy and the Blu-ray clarity is incredible! The storyline is well orchestrated and has you cheering all the way!!

Volume 2 is the perfect Revenge film conclusion for this Epic Quentin Tarantino 2 part classic. The perfect cast; Uma Thurman is "THE BRIDE" (Ultimate Samurai Warrion). David Caradine is "BILL" (Perfect Villan). Michael Madsen is "BUD" (Bills brother - the only one Bill ever loved). Daryl Hannah is "ELLE" (the One Eye Viper).

BONUS FEATURES: Making of KILL BILL Volume 2 (26 mins) a must see prior to watching conclusion Volume 2. DAMONE (6 mins) great background snippet with BRIDE and BILL. Finally an outstanding musical set (11 mins) with "Chingon". Bonus material in 480p.

Bottomline: Remember the Blu-ray experience is HDMI (1080p) 5.1 Sound in a HD Home Theater (the bigger the screen the better). Enjoy. This KILL BILL Volume 1 and 2 are keepers with many encore performances to be had (I've already watched it 3 times in 7 days!!!)

Customer Rating: Average rating of 3/5Average rating of 3/5Average rating of 3/5Average rating of 3/5Average rating of 3/5
Summary: So-so
Comment: Despite what many have said about KB2 being better it's not. It's an ok film that narratively stands on its own, but shows the utter superfluity of KB1, which could have had its backstory sliced to a 6 or 7 minute prologue. KB2 opens with the Bride ready to take on Bill's own baby brother- the 3rd member of the Assassins, Budd (Michael Madsen). After stalking him to his trailer home he blows her away with a buckshot of salt. Why he does not kill her with regular bullets is a silly question since this is comic book logic. Additionally, he offers to turn over the Bride's body to Bill's last assassin for $1 million. She's another blonde killer femme, Elle Driver (Daryl Hannah), who is missing an eye & wears a patch. Cue classic 1930s serial film villain stupidity: Budd buries the Bride alive. He even gives her a flashlight in her nailed coffin. Flashback: to her training under misogynistic Chinese Kung Fu master Pai Mei (Gordon Liu). This is needless digression because the stereotyped character- similar to KB1's involving the Bride's training with master swordmaker Hattori Hanzo (Sonny Chiba)- adds nothing to the tale that could not have been added in a few casual throwaway references in the script.
Length is also a big problem. The 2 films run 226 minutes, or just a quarter hour shy of 4 hours. They were originally to be a single entity but, having had so few films from Tarantino over the years his company wanted to double the bang for the buck. Thus the mishmash editing. Individual scenes are expertly paced and woven, but there are just reams of scenes that do not advance the essential shark-like plot. This is not just taste speaking- too many scenes with trivial but wannabe colorful characters grind the film to a snail's pace. Trim the 90 minutes of KB1 down to 20 or 30 minutes of action, trim the 136 minutes of the plodding KB2 in half & you would've had a very good 90-100 minute film with all the excellent action and revelatory scenes intact. The KB films are a triumph of box office greed and marketing over potentially good art (-cum-self-indulgent pointlessness). Another thing gained by making the films one would be that the teaser at the end of KB1, where we find out Beatrix has a daughter, could be cut and that revelation unfold to both character and audience when she actually confronts Bill. Not that the emotion would have overwhelmed, but knowing this fact about Beatrix before she does castrates whatever empathy we might feel for her near the film's climax.
That Tarantino did not see these points, or did but gave in to them, seems to support my belief that he has yet to show the maturity of a great director. He seemed to be going in the right direction with Jackie Brown (easily his best & most mature film) but has regressed with the 2 Kill Bills. Of KB2 I'd grade it 65 of 100, & for the duo of films I'd give it a 75. I hope I'm wrong, but he seems destined, and satisfied, to be merely an A director of B films.

Customer Rating: Average rating of 5/5Average rating of 5/5Average rating of 5/5Average rating of 5/5Average rating of 5/5
Summary: "You and I have unfinished business."
Comment: The Good Things
*Blu-Ray has excellent picture quality. I don't think there's any grainy parts at all; it's completely crisp and clear.
*Great sound quality. Sounds clearer and more balanced than previous DVD release.
*Includes a 26-minute making-of featurette, a deleted scene, and a musical performance. It's not a whole lot of features (in fact, the same as from the DVD), but at least it has something.
*Some good action and fighting.
*Some good visuals. Still a smooth and clear picture.
*Still a good story, with a very good conclusion. Also fills in lots of gaps from the first film.
*Still an excellent group of characters that you can relate to. It is especially interesting to see Bill for the first time, among other things.
*Dialogue is strong and interesting.
*More interesting music.
*Lots of homage to westerns, kung fu, and anime. These elements are blended together to make a very unique picture.

The Bad Things
*It's not the "Wholy Bloody Affair" edition.
*It's longer and there's much less action.
*Still has some absurd, unrealistic parts (but this can be a good thing, because it makes the film stylish and fun).

This is a definite must-see for anybody who has seen the first film. All of the missing story elements are present, and brings everything into clarity. The conclusion is excellent (even if there is no fighting). I don't think this is as stylish or exciting as the first film, but it is definately worthwhile to see the complete story.

Whether or not it is worthy of replacing the DVD is entirely up to you. I liked the movie enough to go for it, and at the very least, I am pleased with the picture/sound quality. I'll still want to grab the "Whole Bloody Affair" edition (you know, unrated director's cut with shedloads of special features and other crud) whenever it comes out, but considering that it never existed in the first place, I am not one to complain. Heck, I might even keep this copy, so I have the theatrical cut. Altogether, I don't agree with the others who complain. It's still a good movie, and it's of good quality.

Customer Rating: Average rating of 4/5Average rating of 4/5Average rating of 4/5Average rating of 4/5Average rating of 4/5
Summary: Movie: 4/5 Picture Quality: 4.25~5/5 Sound Quality: 4.5/5 Extras: 1.75/5
Comment: Version: U.S.A / Miramax / Region A, B, C
Kill Bill Vol. 2
MPEG-4 AVC BD-50 / High Profile 4.1
Running time: 2:16:57
Movie size: 38,50 GB
Disc size: 42,94 GB
Average video bit rate: 27.26 Mbps

LPCM Audio English 6912 kbps 5.1 / 48kHz / 24-bit / 6912kbps
Dolby Digital Audio English 640 kbps 5.1 / 48kHz / 640kbps
Dolby Digital Audio French 640 kbps 5.1 / 48kHz / 640kbps

Subtitles: English SDH / Chinese / Japanese / French / Korean / Spanish
Number of chapters: 20

* The Making of KILL BILL Volume 2
* Damoe Deleted Scene
* Chingon Musical Performance

Customer Rating: Average rating of 5/5Average rating of 5/5Average rating of 5/5Average rating of 5/5Average rating of 5/5
Summary: Better than 1; outstanding!
Comment: If you like gross, overly violent, graphic films, then you'll like Kill Bill Vol. 1 more, but this one was way better. I watched the first, and barely could sit through it because it was so gross and sick. However, I found volume 2 much better, with a better story line, and action packed. It completed the story, and thus had more of a story line. If you consider watching people get dismembered and children bleeding out their predators as action and entertainment, you may like 1 better.

I almost didn't watch 2 because of how much I found 1 distasteful, but I was told 2 was less violent, so I watched and I'm glad I did, as this is one of my favorite movies!

I know they are one movie, but if you watch them, you wouldn't think so.

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