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CompleteMartialArts.com - The Devil's Tattoo [Region 2]

Starring: Jaason Simmons, Bryan Carney, Juliet Diamond, Kerry Norton, Noel Fitzpatrick
Directed By: Julian Kean
Average Customer Rating:

Audience Rating: R (Restricted)
Binding: DVD
EAN: 5035760501288
Format: PAL
Region Code: 2
Theatrical Release Date: 2000

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Customer Rating:
Comment: What the hell have the people here rating this higher then 2 stars been seeing in this?

This movie has been so boring from start to finish. A group of press people have landed on an oilrig about to be detonated to save it for some reason. But they can't find the crew that's supposed to be on it. As they search they end up being killed off. Zzzzzzzzzz

This movie is kinda the same thing as LOST VOYAGE. Only LV was enjoyable where as this movie stinks. Its not scary, the attempt at scares are absolutely pathetic, and not in a FUNNY way at all. PLEASE, I'm begging you to ignore these other reviews and understand this movie sucks.

Customer Rating:
Summary: No Ghosts on the Rig
Comment: This movie can be quickly summarized as a modest twist on a theme that has been used multiple times, and as such it offers minimal thrills and chills. However, there are a couple of interesting plot points that make this movie worthwhile for a die-hard fan of horror.

The plot line is interesting. A group of supposed environmentalists has occupied an oil rig to prevent it from being turned into a reef by being collapsed into the water. After landing on the oil rig, they discover that the maintenance crew that was supposed to be there is missing. The ten members of the team continue to search the rig to restore power and find what happened to the maintenance crew. During the search one they find strange symbols and soon thereafter one of the team is bitten by a rat. After that, we see a team member kill another team member, but the killer turns up dead.

The movie continues along until the interesting twist at the end that makes you wonder why the person who pressed to come onto the rig in the first place handled in the way he did, instead of a way that was ultimately fatal to nearly everyone. Of course, then we wouldn't have had a movie.

Another reviewer stated that this movie makes use of the body inhabiting ability of the creature in "The Thing from another World," later remade as "The Thing." That statement is inaccurate. In these two movies the Thing was an alien creature from another planet. In "Ghost Rig" the being is a (gasp) demon. Among several disappointments I had was that this movie had no ghosts such as those found on the much more interesting "Ghost Ship."

I was also disappointed that there was little scare factor in this movie. The movie is a demonic murder mystery with minimal chill factor. There were minimal special effects, so the story is minimally about the demon, other than serving to knock off one member of the team after another, leading to the ending.

Many movies are meant to be enjoyed for the journey. This one aims for the conclusion, which provides only moderate justification for watching the whole thing from beginning to end. My recommendation is to rent this one from the bargain bin of your local video store rather than buying it as a permanent part of your collection, unless you are a demon killer movie collector and have to have this entire genre.

Customer Rating:
Summary: RIGGED
Comment: My first experience with a Scottish straight to video..GHOST RIG suffers from a pace that is too slow for a horror movie of this nature to be totally effective. Too much of it is shot in the dark, and the characters don't establish exactly who or what they are. Jamie Bamber as Tom, the hero, and Jaason Simmons as Vincent, the fanatical leader, are well cast and the rest of the cast is adequate, if not thespianically (is that a word) sharp. It's not a horrible move, it is watchable and has some good plot twists at the end.
Rent..don't buy.

Customer Rating:
Summary: Exceeded My Low Expectations
Comment: Nothing original; not an edge-of-your-seat thriller, but I actually liked Ghost Rig in large part due to the unpredictable twist of an ending. After expecting a mindless afternoon of watching a "shouldn't have rented", I got instead a "not too bad at all."

Customer Rating:
Summary: I already knew it was gonna be bad.
Comment: This is a terrible inexcusable waste of film. These people who made this should be arrested and put in jail for stealing. Stealing the precious moment s of your life you spent watching this load of crud! Nothing original or exciting or well there is simply nothing here. Never watch this or anything else this company has put out, there all a big waste of time and money. As a matter of fact this shouldn't have been made. It's films like this that give horror flicks a bad name.

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