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CompleteMartialArts.com - Secrets Of Silat : Knife Fighting Techniques Of Silat And Kuntao

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Manufacturer: Paladin Press
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Binding: Unknown Binding
Label: Paladin Press
Manufacturer: Paladin Press
Publication Date: 2000-05
Publisher: Paladin Press
Studio: Paladin Press

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Customer Rating:
Summary: Wish it was longer
Comment: I wish this tape were about two hours longer. No guys in white pyjamas or bubbas in commo BDUs teaching you the same stupid techniques. Steve moves like a true knife fighter with speed, precision and purpose. There are no wasted moves or lunatic disarming techniques. Once he has trapped his attacker, broken their base and taken them to ground, then he can disarm them if necessary. Yes the techniques are over-kill but it is up to you to determine where you draw the line. If you think that its ok to simply punch or kick a guy who has a knife and then stand back to see what he does next, then you are confusing self defense with suicide. I also wish this was on DVD instead of VHS. I'd buy the next two volumes if there were any.

Customer Rating:
Summary: Excellent introduction to little-known information...
Comment: This video is an incredible introduction to the knife fighting techniques of Indonesian silat as taught by the de Thouars brothers, and the barehanded kuntao techniques that translate from those using the knife. Techniques presented are practical and applicable, without the flowery wasted moves typical of many systems of self defense; this is a raw, to the point and no nonsense system of protecting yourself using the fighting principles of silat and kuntao. A must for any martial artist's video library!

Customer Rating:
Summary: Effective, but overkill for civilian self defense purposes.
Comment: What Steve Gartin teaches in this video is effective, but goes way past what is necessary for self-defense. If you're looking to learn a little about the Silat and Kuntao approaches to using a knife, this is a good video, but if you're looking for practical self defense, please consider that in the eyes of the law, the things in this video are total overkill. The most important thing in a self defense situation is to stop the attack, and remove yourself from the situation. However, most of the techniques shown go way beyond stopping the attack, to the point of manslaughter.

The material is effective, but you have to know when to stop so that you don't go from being the defender to the aggressor, or you may find yourself in prison.

Customer Rating:
Summary: Waste of time and money
Comment: This video (it is a video not a book) contains:

-1 or 2 good points.
-The guy repeating the same 2 or 3 phrases over and over again
-And the guy jumping around like a monkey to quick to make anything out of
- An the guy stepping on and jumping off his partners chest every single time (I guess he knows 1 finishing move)

I wish I had the time back that I spent watching this heap.


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