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CompleteMartialArts.com - Secrets Of Harimau : The Explosive Art Of Pencak Silat Harimau Minangkabau

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Manufacturer: Paladin Press
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Binding: Unknown Binding
Label: Paladin Press
Manufacturer: Paladin Press
Publication Date: 2001-09
Publisher: Paladin Press
Studio: Paladin Press

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Summary: Fine video on legendary style
Comment: The ground tiger art of Harimau Silat from the island of Sumatra is legendary among Silat practitioners, in which it contrasts with the more upright tiger style of Pamacan, which comes from Java (if I remember right, but I'm not an expert on Silat). Almost all Silat styles have some aspects of Harimau in it because it has been so famous and influential an art. Here it is shown for the first time in this video from Paladin Press.

First the basic postures and positions are shown, and then how they can be linked together in a sequence, much like the linking forms of bau gua, hsing-i, or tai chi. Many applications are demonstrated, including empty hand, weapons, and takedowns/groundwork. Harimau is shown to very much ground oriented in almost always taking the opponent to the ground, where he is finished off. Dozens of combinations are shown from start to finish, from initial entries to final takedowns so there is a lot of good information here.

The techniques are usually demonstrated by Guru de Bordes's students, but Guru de Bordes also shows some langkhas and also a very nice weapons defense against multiple attackers in which he uses the machete or short sword against four opponents. Also, the music sound track is quite attractive and adds an exotic air to the presentation. Overall an excellent video on this legendary but still obscure art.


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