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CompleteMartialArts.com - The encyclopedia of Isshin Ryu karate: Book one beginner to green belt

Manufacturer: Kiai Productions
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Binding: Unknown Binding
Label: Kiai Productions
Manufacturer: Kiai Productions
Number Of Pages: 127
Publication Date: 1982
Publisher: Kiai Productions
Studio: Kiai Productions

Editorial Reviews:

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Customer Rating:
Summary: Master Uezu and Sensei Joe Jennings Isshin Ryu
Comment: Book I Beginner to green belt. Awesome book. History, terminology, basics,
katas, applications. Great descriptions, great pict's (though follow the arrows) A must for beginner's.( No bo kata's.) Recommend highly!

Customer Rating:
Summary: Get this one if you can
Comment: I know the availability is limited on this one, but get it if you can. I bought this book 17 years ago and still look at it from time to time. There is a lot of informtion in this book. I wrote to Master Uezu asking him if he was going to finish the other volumes and the answer was no. This is our only record of the Uezu/Jennings collaboration and it should be treasured.

Bryan Winkelman (www.senseibryan.com) - Author of "Training Manual for Isshin Ryu Karate" the follow on to this masterpiece and listed on Amazon.com

Customer Rating:
Summary: Encyclopedia of Isshin ryu karate
Comment: I purchased this book for myself from e-bay. It is an excellent book for Isshinryu students. The history and philosophy are invaluable. I would not recomend this book for non Isshinryu (or non martial arts) people.

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