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CompleteMartialArts.com - PakiWest MegaDrive Field Hockey Stick

PakiWest MegaDrive Field Hockey Stick

Manufacturer: PakiWest
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Binding: Misc.
Brand: PakiWest
Feature: Carbon / Kevlar / Glass Fibre
Label: PakiWest
Manufacturer: PakiWest
Publisher: PakiWest
Studio: PakiWest

Carbon / Kevlar / Glass Fibre
Glass Fibre Reinforced Toe Face & Heel
Increased Stiffness & Control
Midi Toe

PakiWest CyberDrive Field Hockey Stick
PakiWest 4 Stick Field Hockey Bag

Editorial Reviews:

Carbon is the most effective stiffening material, added stiffness in the handle allows for increased hitting power for experienced players. Kevlar adds strength to the handle while dampening the vibration to the hands. The more Kevlar in the stick, the less shock that is felt and smoother feel while hitting and recieving. Glass Fibre is a good material for adding strength and durability, it also helps to reduce wear. The Midi Toe has a medium size head allowing greater maneuverability and tight control.

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