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CompleteMartialArts.com - Japan: Reminiscences and Realities

Manufacturer: Stanley Paul & Co. LTD.
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Binding: Hardcover
Format: Illustrated
Label: Stanley Paul & Co. LTD.
Manufacturer: Stanley Paul & Co. LTD.
Number Of Pages: 256
Publication Date: 1925
Publisher: Stanley Paul & Co. LTD.
Studio: Stanley Paul & Co. LTD.

Editorial Reviews:

Chapters include: Introducing 70,000,000 Japanese, Growth of a Nation, Visit To a Philosophical Farmer, We Go To Town and Inspect a Factory, A Rising Son Comes Into the World, Social Evils in Town and Country, The Army--An Autocratic Democracy, Japan Rejuvenates Korea, Rising Sun over the South Seas, Manchuria Becomes Manchukuo, The Other Side of a China 'Incident', Will China's Doors be Closed?, Japan--'Ruler of All', Index. Illustrations include: The Air Force pilot carries a Samurai sword for 'Hara-kiri' if captured, The Emperor reviews his troops, The 'Moga' (Modern Girl) may swim; her more formal sisters can only stroll on the beach, A Valley of Farms, terraced right up into the forests, Charcoal burner's hut in the mountains, In the foothills near Kobe, Compare this well-ventilated, well-lighted textile factory with some in England, These bus conductresses smile in spite of their long hours and low pay, A 'Geisha,' dressed in centuries-old fashion, makes an appointment by the modern telephone, Schoolgirls are trained in agriculture, A modern centre of night life, Street scene in Tokyo, The Girl on the left writes downwards with a brush, on the right she dresses and writes as we do, He looks over the Far East with a modern rifle on his shoulder, Chinese soldiers are still drilled with archaic methods and weapons, and, Bombs fall on an electric power plant.

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