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CompleteMartialArts.com - Dynamite Warrior

Dynamite Warrior
List Price: $14.98
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Manufacturer: Magnolia
Starring: Dan Chupong, Leo Putt, Panna Rittikrai, Samart Payakarun, Kanyapak Suworakood
Directed By: Chalerm Wongpim
Average Customer Rating: Average rating of 3.5/5Average rating of 3.5/5Average rating of 3.5/5Average rating of 3.5/5Average rating of 3.5/5

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Aspect Ratio: 1.78:1
Audience Rating: Unrated
Binding: DVD
EAN: 0876964000901
Format: Color
Label: Magnolia
Manufacturer: Magnolia
Number Of Items: 1
Publisher: Magnolia
Region Code: 1
Release Date: 2007-07-17
Running Time: 99
Studio: Magnolia
Theatrical Release Date: 2007

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Editorial Reviews:

Zieng The Rocket Thief is a young man fueled by grief and bent on revenge after witnessing his parents murder. Starring Dan Chupong from BORN to FIGHT. System Requirements:Running Time: 95 minsFormat: DVD MOVIE Genre: ACTION/ADVENTURE Rating: NR UPC: 876964000901 Manufacturer No: 10090

Spotlight customer reviews:

Customer Rating: Average rating of 3/5Average rating of 3/5Average rating of 3/5Average rating of 3/5Average rating of 3/5
Summary: early 1900's Siamese Robin Hood redistributes buffalos
Comment: Dan Chupong ("Born to Fight") plays Jone Bang Fai, a young fighter who searches for his parents' killer in this strange, funny, and fairly enjoyable fantasy flick from Thailand. It's clearly influenced by (but not quite as "out-there" as) other Asian martial arts/fantasy films like "The Bride With White Hair", and "A Chinese Ghost Story".

Lord Wang (snicker) is trying to get farmers across the country to get some modernity by having them sample the peppy new invention known as the tractor, and dispense with the smelly cattle that they have used for centuries. Most men are impressed until they see the lofty price tag. When Lord Wang can't sell any, he hires a (sometimes) cannibalistic brute to beat the living snot out of the farmers and swipe their livestock. This behemoth likes to wait until his victims sit down for a nice meal before attacking as he gets tougher when he's hungry. Our hero, unaware of who Lord Wang is, repeatedly knees Wang's subordinates in the chest and returns the farmers' property. When our hero finds the man he is looking for, and cannot defeat his magical fighting skills, he enlists the help of Lord Wang and a demon whose GORGEOUS daughter's fecundity holds the key.

This is an interesting movie. Not a great film, but definitely entertaining. Funny characters and dialogue help keep it moving between action scenes, which is where the film (ironically) is a little bit of a letdown. The fights are all wire-enhanced Muay-Thai, and everyone not struck with a blunt, wooden object, takes a knee or an elbow to the head or chest. Oh, and some get hit by rockets too! The choreography starts getting repetitive after a while, though it does get bloodier, so that helps. The fights and stunts are fairly well done, I just wanted to see a little more variety. Do not expect "Ong-Bak"

One thing I will say about the movies I have seen from Thailand, which really only consists of this, and two of Tony Jaa's flicks, is that the camerawork is always beautiful and impressive. The use of landscape and angles are certainly the work of consummate photographers. Not the jerky, grainy, claustrophobic work seen in American action films. I want to see what's going on, not have a seizure.

I would hesitate in recommending this film only because it's not for all tastes. If you like fantasy and martial arts, you'll presumably enjoy it. I'm really not that big on fantasy and I still dug it. In fact, the more I'm thinking about it, the harder it is not so smile. In Thai with English or Spanish subtitles, or English dubbed. Widescreen too. 3.5/5.

2006. aka: Five Warriors; Tabunfire

Customer Rating: Average rating of 2/5Average rating of 2/5Average rating of 2/5Average rating of 2/5Average rating of 2/5
Summary: Rent don't Buy!
Comment: I have a huge Kung-fu movie collection and after watching this movie I had to sell it. There is too much B.S. in this movie. I gess it is good for A laugh!

Customer Rating: Average rating of 5/5Average rating of 5/5Average rating of 5/5Average rating of 5/5Average rating of 5/5
Summary: The first 15 minutes are a little silly, but .....
Comment: The first 15 minutes of this movie are a little silly and boring, but the movie get better and turns out to be very entertaining. The special effects with the fireworks flying the air are amazing!!! And the fight scenes are very well done. Some of the characters have special magical powers, and that adds an interesting mix to the fighting.

Customer Rating: Average rating of 3/5Average rating of 3/5Average rating of 3/5Average rating of 3/5Average rating of 3/5
Summary: (2.5 STARS) No, This Is Not "Ong-Bak 2"; This is Just Another OK Thai Actioner
Comment: Dan Chupong ("Born To Fight") plays a vengeful young hero in Thai action film "Dynamite Warrior." The film is set in countryside of Thailand in 1920s and our hero dressed like a cowboy is looking for the murderer responsible for the deaths of his parents while taking away buffalos from the rich (after fighting the "bad" cow keepers) and giving them to the poor. The story is confusing and jokes often misfire, but probably you would not care much.

First this is not "Ong-Bak" where no CGI is used. "Dynamite Warrior" uses plenty of them during the action scenes, but this is only necessary because of the nature of the weapons the protagonist uses against the villains (please see below). Fortunately Dan Chupong can do action stunts and some of them are impressive, but the film and its repetitive actions obviously need more time to let him show what he really can do. This is regrettable for Panna Rittikrai, who plays the arch-villain in this film, is actually stunt coordinator of "Ong-Bak." Dan Chupong is one of his protégés and hence the importance of the final battle scene, but the film takes too much time to go there.

The daredevil hero uses one unique weapon - huge firecrackers (not exactly dynamites as the title says). Dan Chupong's hero even rides one like surfing, which is quite silly but funny, but this idea does not develop much. Like many other visual tricks and martial arts stunts in "Dynamite Warrior," director seems content with using his ideas repeatedly in simplest way. Each action scene is decent, but few of them are truly exciting.

It is worth watching, to be sure, kind of mindless fun. But "Dynamite Warrior" could have been more fun with tighter pace and less repetitious actions.

Customer Rating: Average rating of 4/5Average rating of 4/5Average rating of 4/5Average rating of 4/5Average rating of 4/5
Summary: Muay Thai action + menstration magic = MUST SEE!
Comment: Where to begin? Dynamite Warrior is the story of a young man on a quest for vengeance against the man that killed his parents... sounds pretty unoriginal right? Well let me assure you that everything beyond the basic premise is quite fresh. Our hero Zieng is played by Dan Chupong is his second starring role after the action film Born to Fight. Here he is given a more interesting character to work with and is likeable as the "man of few words" vigilante type. His main weapon is his fantastic Muay Thai moves that have him rolling and somersaulting into bone crunching knee and elbow blows... but that's not all! You see he also utilizes rockets (in fact he even rides on one for a scene or two?!)... this is one of THOSE movies. The kind where each character you meet is a little more bizarre than the last (Takashi Miike would be proud of this eclectic group)and the situations aren't far behind. It uses these characters and the aforementioned plot to jump from one action setpiece to the next while keeping the viewer amused and interested. If you are an action fan than this works out great... others may be rolling their eyes by the second fight. Put together by the same group involved with other Thai action exports Ong Bak, The Protector, and Born To Fight (stunt coordinator Panna Rittikrai even stars as the Black Wizard) you know what to expect, slick direction and lots of exciting action. Wizards, cannibalistic barbarians, virgins-menstration-tipped-rockets(?!), and lots of fighting make this a highly entertaining and recommended release!

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