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CompleteMartialArts.com - Pushed To The Limit

List Price: N/A
Our Price: $9.99
Availability: N/A
Starring: Mimi Lesseos, Henry Hayashi, Verrel Reed, Barbara Braverman, Greg Ostrin
Directed By: Michael Mileham
Average Customer Rating:

Binding: Video Download
Release Date: 2007-06-01
Running Time: 97
Studio: Egami
Theatrical Release Date: 1992-06-01

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Customer Rating:
Summary: Mimi Lesseos female rocky
Comment: I've always liked Mimi Lesseos. She's one of the few action actresse's who's physical style of karate is convincing in looking like she could actually hurt you with a blow. In pushed to the limit.she plays a champion professional wrestler who's brother has been killed by sadistic gangster Harry Lee who runs a illegal kumite.And whose female champion and bodyguard Inga takes delight in killing all her opponents by breaking their backs. In order to get close to Lee for revenge for her brothers death Mimi trains for the kumite, taking shelter of vern a former participant in a kumite and now sensi. Who trains her in eastern mystic martial arts,now ready for the kumite Mimi rises up the ranks, and in course of time she and Vern steal details of Lee's illegal dealings Lee in retaliation kidnaps Vern,to force Mimi to bring the stolen records and fight his champion to the death.The fight scenes in this movie are good enough to pass for almost real fights,and the acting is what you'd expect from a low budget film.But this movie is worth adding to your collection, especially if you like sexy Mimi Lesseos!

Customer Rating:
Summary: I was pushed to the limit watching it!!
Comment: I know that this is not very articulate, but never before have I seen such a total unadulterated sheer load of rubbish in my life. The acting is terrible, the plot is worse, its one to get up in the middle of and make a cup of tea!!

Customer Rating:
Summary: For fans of Mimi
Comment: Lots of fighting, and Mimi : what else does one need ?

Customer Rating:
Summary: i love mimi's action!
Comment: i enjoy Mimi's movie, i've seen it several years ago, the media is LD, but I can't keep it. So i hope i can find one to keep.


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