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CompleteMartialArts.com - Kickbox - Core Cross Train

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Manufacturer: Gaiam
Starring: Patricia Moreno
Directed By: Rebecca Stetson
Average Customer Rating: Average rating of 4.0/5Average rating of 4.0/5Average rating of 4.0/5Average rating of 4.0/5Average rating of 4.0/5

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Aspect Ratio: 1.33:1
Audience Rating: NR (Not Rated)
Binding: DVD
EAN: 0018713529046
Format: Color
Label: Gaiam
Manufacturer: Gaiam
Number Of Items: 1
Publisher: Gaiam
Region Code: 1
Release Date: 2008-03-25
Running Time: 80
Studio: Gaiam
Theatrical Release Date: 2008

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Editorial Reviews:

Empowerment through exercise! In this workout, you will punch, kick, jab and shuffle your way to a lean and toned body. Instructor Patricia Moreno teaches you powerful
martial arts and boxing-inspired moves to strengthen your core and reshape your whole body. Achieve endurance, precision and grace in a single workout that s broken into four targeted sections: Punches, Core Energizer, Power Kicks and Ultimate Kickboxing.

DVD includes:
Four energetic, endurance-building workout segments targeting all areas for total body conditioning.

Spotlight customer reviews:

Customer Rating: Average rating of 5/5Average rating of 5/5Average rating of 5/5Average rating of 5/5Average rating of 5/5
Summary: plenty of lower body and core training....
Comment: As I am always on the lookout for a new workout and instructors to motivate me I had my local library order this for me so I could take it for a test run. This one is definitely on my wish list now. Though some could find Patricia's style too chatty, I thought she had the perfect blend of motivation without constantly talking. She cues the moves well and has good form. The scenery is beautiful with red rocks in the background, shot in Snow Canyon, Utah. The music was fitting to the work-out in my opinion and had a good beat. I have done some Kickbox workouts before and I would say as far as challenging kickbox moves I'd say no, but challenging for my core and working my lower body....absolutely. If you are looking for an advanced "kickboxing" workout though, this may not be what you are looking for. The emphasis here is on cross training and your core.

The workout has several sections, punches (about 13 minutes),core training (about 25 minutes), kicks (about 18 minutes), Combo/Cooldown (9/5 minutes), and an additional bonus workout (about 14 minutes).

The first time I did the workout I did punches & core training and stretched on my own after (there is no extensive cool down until the last segment of the dvd, so I would recommend extra stretching on your own). The next day I did kicks, combo and the bonus. At the end of the week I tried all segments together, making an 80 minute plus workout.

I exercise daily, doing a variety of work-outs-Salsa, Aerobic, Tae-Bo, Yoga, Pilates, etc. and though I thought at first this wouldn't challenge me enough, I found the pace to be aerobic and though the moves weren't hard, the workout definitely kept my heart rate up and worked muscles that I obviously had not recently worked this hard. I most definitely felt my muscles even after a couple days after that first workout (core, butt, arms, and inner thigh).
One caution is to be careful while doing on carpet where you are pivoting you will need to be mindful of not twisting your knee.

In the bonus section, I would caution if you have wrist problems as this section is primarily variations of yoga's "plank" position (looks like the beginning of a push up). I am very familiar with plank as it is part of my yoga practice, but still felt her variations were challenging and will build strong and shapely arms (Who doesn't want that?).

Overall, an excellent workout. I would definitely purchase this item and will also be looking to try more of Patricia's dvds in the future.

Customer Rating: Average rating of 5/5Average rating of 5/5Average rating of 5/5Average rating of 5/5Average rating of 5/5
Summary: Kickbox dvd
Comment: Patricia Moreno is a great instructor - she keeps reminding one of the proper form. I have done kickboxing before and this is a good workout, but it would also be good for beginners.

Customer Rating: Average rating of 1/5Average rating of 1/5Average rating of 1/5Average rating of 1/5Average rating of 1/5
Summary: Terrible
Comment: The moves she does feel awkward and like they are bad form. Patricia is the only one who looks like she knows what she's doing, but she wasn't even in sync with the music, which was very distracting! I'll admit I only did the first 15 minutes of the workout, but it was so bad I didn't want to try anymore. If you want real kickboxing, try Kathy Smith. Much better.

Customer Rating: Average rating of 4/5Average rating of 4/5Average rating of 4/5Average rating of 4/5Average rating of 4/5
Summary: Core training & toning that had me sweating like cardio.
Comment: How intense you find this workout will depend a lot on your current fitness level and how hard you prefer to work out. As a basis for comparison, I am 55, overweight and just getting back into better shape again after a 5-month "fall off the exercise wagon" due to a move and an illness. I have experience with kickboxing workouts and enjoy kickboxing quite a lot. I prefer moderate workouts most of the time with occasional intense workouts. For me, as an example, Tae-bo is relatively intense.

I found this workout relatively intense because it uses the large muscle groups so much--there is a lot of lunging, kicking and squatting. It is not a cardio workout in the traditional sense, but it most definitely had me sweating. I also found it intense in terms of my knees--and that isn't a good thing (hence 4 stars vs. 5). There is an incredible amount of foot twisting in this workout and, with older knees and a carpeted surface, that can make for a really punishing workout. If you're young, you probably won't notice or care. If you're older or have had knee injuries, you'll probably want to rent this first and give it a try to see whether/how much it bothers you.

Patricia Moreno is a good and inspirational leader (she also has amazing arms and shoulders). She cues relatively well and does a slow breakdown of some of the more complicated moves before she actually starts doing them at full speed--I liked that a LOT because I get easily frustrated if I can't catch something on the first try.

The workout, which is filmed with a beautiful Utah mountain/canyon backdrop, includes four main segments plus a bonus power workout:

Punches: Concentrates on punching (upper body) but still uses the lower body.

Core Energizer: Focuses on your core, but still features both the upper and lower body with punching and squatting. Even though this segment is focused on the core, it is all done standing (i.e., not traditional crunches and such).

Kicks: Concentrates on kicking (lower body). Having done a LOT of kickboxing workouts, I appreciated Patricia's method of teaching kicks. She does a good job of giving you a foundation for kicking.

Combinations: In this segment, you take what you've learned and put it all together--punching and kicking at the same time while keeping your core engaged.

Bonus Power Workout: I haven't tried this one yet. I'd read a review that said it was tough. I watched it and thought "Yikes!" This workout is on the mat and features some positions that I'm pretty sure I couldn't get into. :) I think this is more the territory of the advanced exercisor just from watching it.

I wouldn't say it's the best kickboxing workout I've done, but it is clear that I not only worked hard during the workout but felt it the next day (and sometimes longer).

P.S. Edited to add that I wanted to ditto another reviewer's comment that this workout could have included modifications for beginners or those with knee injuries, etc., but did not. That is a disappointment.

Customer Rating: Average rating of 2/5Average rating of 2/5Average rating of 2/5Average rating of 2/5Average rating of 2/5
Summary: Didn't break a sweat
Comment: Definitely a good beginner workout, but not for the intermediate to advanced. Not challenging, didn't get my heart rate up, too low intesity for me.

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