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CompleteMartialArts.com - UFC - Ultimate Fighter Season 5

UFC - Ultimate Fighter Season 5
List Price: $39.98
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Manufacturer: Navarre Corporation
Starring: Ultimate Fighter
Average Customer Rating: Average rating of 5.0/5Average rating of 5.0/5Average rating of 5.0/5Average rating of 5.0/5Average rating of 5.0/5

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Aspect Ratio: 1.33:1
Audience Rating: NR (Not Rated)
Binding: DVD
EAN: 0741027304275
Format: Color
Label: Navarre Corporation
Manufacturer: Navarre Corporation
Number Of Items: 5
Publisher: Navarre Corporation
Region Code: 1
Release Date: 2008-02-05
Running Time: 780
Studio: Navarre Corporation

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Editorial Reviews:

On the fifth season of the hit Spike TV reality series The Ultimate Fighter 16 of mixed martial arts top lightweight up-and-comers will fight tooth and nail for the opportunity to change their lives forever by earning a UFC contract. But the stakes may be even higher for the two coaches lightweight legends Jens Pulver and BJ Penn who have their own bitter score to settle - one that can only be decided by a rematch in the world-famous Octagon.System Requirements:TRT: 780 Mins.Format: DVD MOVIE Genre: SPORTS/GAMES/MIXED MARTIAL ARTS UPC: 741027304275 Manufacturer No: UFC-5

Spotlight customer reviews:

Customer Rating: Average rating of 5/5Average rating of 5/5Average rating of 5/5Average rating of 5/5Average rating of 5/5

I was really excited about this season of The Ultimate Fighter because two of my favorite fighters were the couches for the teams. JENS PULVER and BJ PENN go at it head to head as the coaches for this season, the bad blood between these two becomes obvious during the first episode of the show when Penn starts playing mind games and causes one of the greatest and funniest moments in the history of the show during the picking of the teams. Of course DANA WHITE is hilarious during this section of the show; he was clearly getting annoyed by these two. Any way the first episode is one of the best especially what happened as told above, and getting to know the fighters. The first fight came up to be ALLEN BERUBE vs. COLE MILLER, Miller ends up winning a pretty good fight for team Pulver. Episode two was just as entertaining as members of the house started to get into it and BJ actually wrote a little script for ROB EMERSON to call out CORY HILL during the fight picking. There is also a great part involving some girls and a horse, that is a must watch. This episode also features NATE DIAZ and MANNY GAMBURYAN going crazy because team Penn write some stuff on the walls. The fight was NOAH THOMAS vs. Manny Gamburyan, and Manny took this fight quick, another win for team pulver. In episode 3 episodes saw a fighter worrying more about a colonic then his training, and focus a lot on Cory. There is also a great stair down between ROB EMERSON and Nate Diaz, which leads to a great fight between the two that sees Nate win another one for Pulver. This episode focuses on Sims and his stories of street fights, and WAYNE WEEMS and his lack of experience. The fight in this one is ANDY WANG vs. BRANDON MELENDEZ; this fight makes me so mad. I can't stand how Wang refuses to listen to BJ; he even admits it after the fight that he wasn't going to listen. Once again another win for team Pulver, it's funny after though when Wang starts to cry, Penn tells it like it is. The next episode has NOAH making jokes during practice, and Tony kills him in training. This is also the classic episode were GABE RUDIGER tries to cut the wait before his fight with Cory. This is absolutely one of the most entertaining things I have seen in my life. I can not believe how this guy carried him self on this show, this dude just didn't want it. It is so funny when he is laid out on the ground not wanting in the sauna to loose weight, he was throwing him self on the floor, and getting naked out side. Dana White was so mad at him, his face was so funny, and of course Gabe got kicked off of the show. The show ended with two fights being picked, with Rob coming back. The next episode is all about the two fights, the first fight was a quick victory for team Penn when Joe beat Brian in the first round. The second fight was Cory vs. the returning Rob Emerson. This fight was great, back and forth for a while but Cory ends up winning with a decision. I happen to think that Rob really won but hats off to Cory for the win. Next we have another infamous episode in which BJ kicks Andy off the team, and of course he whines about it. And when he is offered the chance to go to Jens's team he starts crying again. But aside from that in the first fight Gray destroys Wayne Weems, but to Weems credit he did not give up, he took it like a man. In the last fight team Penn gets another win when Matt beat Marlon Sims with a choke out. The next episode starts out great with Jens and BJ almost getting into it when the go to pick fights. What a great way to start the show. This is also the episode that sees Marlon and Noah getting into a fight at the house which leads to both of them along with Monsta getting kicked off the show. In the fight of the evening Joe beats Cole, another win for Penn. Brandon kicks things off on the next episode getting into it with his coach Jens, then tries to be cool with him and ask if he can go train with BJ. Then BJ brings in Randy Couture to help his team out, and get Grey ready for his fight with Brandon. The fights its self was really good, back and forth for a long time but Grey would end up winning. In this episode Nate and Cory go at it, so Nate decides to go train with team Penn. Of course that doesn't go over to well with his team, also this has one of the best moments of the show, the premier of BUDDY ROWE. This apparently is Cory's alter ego, funny scenes in this episode thanks to that. The fight between the two is great, Nate ends up with a win after a triangle. The final episode starts with the group having a fruit fight all over the place, and ends with a crazy drunken night were Cole gets his head shaved. The final semi final fight pits Nate against Grey, Nate ends up winning one of the best fights of the show. Finally the finale comes upon us and the first fight saw Matt Wiman defeat Brian Geraghty. Next up Leonard Garcia taped out Allen Berube in a decent second fight. Third on the card was Roger Huerta's TKO victory over Doug Evans, followed by Thales Leites submission victory against Floyd Sword. Next was one of the best fights of the evening when Gray Maynard and Rob Emerson battled to a no contest, Gray knocked himself out right when Rob tapped. Cole Miller defeated Andy Wang in a little over a minute in the next contest, though Wang would protest the decision. Joe Lauzon would go on to tap out Brandon Melendez in the second round of their bout. Next was the ultimate fighter final between Nate Diaz and Manny Gamburyan. This was an excellent final bout to end the tournament with; both came very prepared and ready to fight. The match would end when Manny tapped out after dislocating his shoulder. Finally came the main event when the coaches went at it, Jens Pulver vs. BJ Penn. This was a great fight; these two were really going at each other. This great bout would end when Penn forced Pulver to tap out, and after the fight it was announced that Jens was going to be training with BJ. This was an excellent season of The Ultimate Fighter, possibly the best season; I recommend this box set to everybody. WHAT A SEASON.

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