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CompleteMartialArts.com - Rosetta Stone Version 3: German Level 1, 2 & 3 Set with Audio Companion

Rosetta Stone Version 3: German Level 1, 2 & 3 Set with Audio Companion
List Price: $549.00
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Manufacturer: Rosetta Stone
Average Customer Rating: Average rating of 4.5/5Average rating of 4.5/5Average rating of 4.5/5Average rating of 4.5/5Average rating of 4.5/5

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Binding: CD-ROM
Brand: Rosetta Stone
EAN: 0794678205859
Feature: Rosetta Stone helps you understand everyday language through proficiency-based listening and reading activities, proprietary speech recognition and analysis tools
Format: CD-ROM
Label: Rosetta Stone
Manufacturer: Rosetta Stone
Model: 20585
Platform: Windows Vista
Publisher: Rosetta Stone
Release Date: 2008-06-16
Studio: Rosetta Stone

Rosetta Stone helps you understand everyday language through proficiency-based listening and reading activities, proprietary speech recognition and analysis tools
Contextual Formation makes sure you have the confidence and the cues you need to get the words out on the spot
Milestone activities quickly give you confidence to engage in real-life conversations; Adaptive Recall reinforces language so it sticks with you
Audio Companion allows you to take Rosetta Stone anywhere: in the car, the gym or on-the-go
Build a foundation and navigate your surroundings: learn fundamental vocabulary and essential language structure, from greetings and introductions to simple questions and their answers

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Editorial Reviews:

Rosetta Stone Personal Edition contains everything you need to start learning a language. It's built around our award-winning Rosetta Stone curriculum, which has been adopted by organizations around the world including the U.S. Army, NASA, major corporations such as Deutsche Telecom, IKEA, Royal Dutch Shell, and over 10,000 schools worldwide--and is available in 31 languages spoken by over 90% of the world's population.
The comprehensive language-learning solution that fits your life.

Learn Naturally
Learn your next language the same way you learned your first language. Dynamic Immersion empowers you to see, hear and comprehend without translating or memorizing. You already have this ability, Rosetta Stone simply unlocks it.

Engage Interactively
Get feedback to move forward. You learn best by doing, and you'll apply what you've learned to get to the next step. Rosetta Stone adapts to your individual needs and skills, because you drive the program with your progress.

Speak Confidently
Start speaking immediately. From the very first lesson, you'll speak. You'll begin with essential basics, which form the building blocks of the language. Soon you'll create new sentences on your own using words you've learned.

Have Fun
Best of all, Rosetta Stone is addictive. With every entertaining activity, you'll feel success. You'll want to use Rosetta Stone to have that next moment, that next breakthrough. So you'll keep using it, and you'll learn more!

The Fastest, Easiest Way to Learn a New Language

Proceed at Your Own Pace
Rosetta Stone is considerate of your time. Anytime, anywhere, you can learn a new language with Rosetta Stone. You learn comfortably without feeling pressured or overwhelmed. Rosetta Stone provides guidance to make your language learning effective, fast, and enjoyable with a process that is intuitive, interactive, and visually engaging. At the end of each lesson, you are given the opportunity to test your new skills. And, since Rosetta Stone automatically records your progress, you can easily pick up where you left off, when other priorities arise.

Make Language Learning Intuitive with Dynamic Immersion
Rosetta Stone uses rich visual imagery to help you learn. You will be presented with sets of images to match correctly with a spoken or written phrase in the new language. You will advance to the next set of prompts once you've successfully matched words and images and pronounced the words correctly. With Dynamic Immersion, you learn by directly associating your new language with images--nothing is lost in translation.

Fun, Easy, and Immediate Reinforcement
Interactive exercises create a learning environment that is engaging and game-like--it's fun!

How It Works

As children, we gradually learned our first language through a process of associating mental images with words or phrases, accompanied by complete immersion in our environment. This approach was simple because it was natural and allowed the brain to adapt to increasing complexity.

Rosetta Stone recreated this natural way of learning by developing a method that uses a computer to mimic the environment in which we learned our first language. We call this Dynamic Immersion. A simple, intuitive interface and advanced technology confirms learning at every step of the process by prompting you to make connections between images you already understand and the new language. You receive immediate feedback, which helps you to reinforce learning. This systematic structure builds from simple nouns and verbs to more complex concepts and phrases very quickly, helping you achieve your language-learning goals faster than you ever thought possible.

Level 1, 2 & 3--Connect With the World

Connect with the world around you. Build a foundation of fundamental vocabulary and essential language structure. Quickly gain the confidence to enjoy social interactions such as greetings and introductions, travel, dining out, giving and getting directions, shopping and other recreational activities. Learn to share your ideas and opinions, express your feelings and talk about everyday life, your work, your interests, current events, and much more.

Features & Benefits

Faster and More Effective
Rosetta Stone will teach you as fast as you can learn! Leveraging your natural language-learning ability, Version 3 immerses you immediately in the new language, providing just the right context to prompt you to speak, pronounce, read and write in the very first lesson! Intuitive, sequential learning builds progressively and makes every lesson count. Our Dynamic Immersion method is so fast and so effective, it's used by the Fortune 500, the U.S. State Department, and over 10,000 schools.

You pick the time, the place and the pace! We are ready when you are because there are no class schedules or missed lessons to make up. From your desk or your dining room, your valuable time can be turned into productive language learning that fits your lifestyle.

When something is fun, it captures your attention...and holds it! The interactivity in Version 3 instantly engages you. Rich, vivid imagery, real-life context and voices of native speakers make Rosetta Stone different from any other product out there--never tedious or boring. Rosetta Stone provides a captivating, game-like experience.

Learn and apply! Our MILESTONE feature lets you try out your new language knowledge in real-life situations.

Track Your Progress
New ADAPTIVE RECALL feature tracks your progress, reinforcing your strengths and revisiting your development areas.

New Speech Recognition Technology
State-of-the-art new speech recognition technology helps you learn to speak your new language even faster. And our new Speech Analysis Tool compares your voice to that of native speakers, helping you perfect your pronunciation.

Life-like Context
Our New CONTEXTUAL FORMATION feature uses real-life simulations and vivid imagery to give you exactly the context you need to produce new language--all on your own!

Level 1, 2 & 3 Set Includes:

The Basics
Nouns, verbs, adjectives, numbers, questions, colors, clothing.

Friends and Family
Ages, family relations, household items, introductions, landmarks, states, descriptions.

Work and School
Times of day, greetings, calendar terms, body parts, speaking, personal hygiene.

Buying, selling and shopping; entertainment and sports; merchandise, speed and weight, comparing and contrasting.

Destinations, transportation, directions, locations, telling time, distance, cost, weather.

Past and Future
Tenses, letter writing, school subjects, signs, workplace terms, polite requests.

Friends and Social Life
Months of the year, arrivals and departures, social interaction, celebrations, meal courses, quality terms, apologies.

Dining and Vacation
Future tense; terms for art, architecture and music; emotions, places of worship, travel and lodging.

Home and Health
Terms for home, garden and backyard activities; household items and appliances; terms for strength and physical activity.

Life and World
Emotions, continents, life milestones, oceans, botanical terms, terms for animals.

Places and Events
Opinion and judgments, currency exchange and transactions; measurements, household repair tools, culinary terms.

Talking About the World
Nationalities, governmental leaders, political terms, media terms, business terms, religious terms. Doing things!

Audio Companion allows you to take Rosetta Stone anywhere: in the car, the gym or on-the-go.

Audio Companion--Taking Rosetta Stone to the Next Level

Introducing Audio Companion from Rosetta Stone, the newest enhancement to the world's #1 language-learning software! It's a great addition to the Rosetta Stone experience, allowing you to take Rosetta Stone anywhere: in the car, the gym or on-the-go!

What is Audio Companion?
Audio Companion CD-ROMs enhance language learning anytime, anyplace. You can learn new skills on the computer, and then reinforce them with Audio Companion. Play the CDs on a stereo, or download them to a MP3 Player and go!

Enhance the Rosetta Stone Learning Experience
Audio Companion activities correspond to Rosetta Stone CD-ROM software lessons. You can listen to Audio Companion and practice what you've been learning, turning travel time into productive language learning time.

Extend Study Time
Now, you don't have to stop learning when you leave your computer. Audio Companion lets you access lessons whenever and wherever you want. It empowers you, and works within your busy lifestyle!

Build Vocabulary and Pronounce Words and Phrases
Audio Companion features distinct words and shorter phrases to make them easier to hear and repeat. Build good enunciation habits by hearing native speakers pronounce them first.

Speak and Converse
The speaking portion of Audio Companion lets you listen to questions and answers, repeating them to use later. To help them build your conversation skills, first you'll listen to a conversation and then repeat phrases individually.

Spotlight customer reviews:

Customer Rating: Average rating of 4/5Average rating of 4/5Average rating of 4/5Average rating of 4/5Average rating of 4/5
Summary: Very, very good but also expensive
My previous German language experience came from an eight week German reading course I took about 5 years ago. The emphasis was not on speaking, but rather to give us the basic tools in order to begin the process of deciphering German texts. I've had a few other language classes since then, establishing me if not as a thorough polyglot at least as a someone well versed in language training from a variety of different teaching styles, approaches, and contexts.

I've tried to keep up with a number of these languages I've studied, with various success, and with various software help. Mostly the inexpensive kind. I've picked up the Instant Immersion disks (a great, inexpensive, entirely un-thorough approach), the Learn to Speak series (about the same, though with a lot more content).

Recently, to learn German for my studies I looked at more thorough programs and two stood out. The Rosetta Stone series and the Tell Me More. I noticed Tell Me More was getting great reviews and was less than half the price. Being a little financially strapped I skipped the trend and bought Tell Me More. And I'm very glad I did. It's an effective program that has pushed me quite along in learning the language.

Still, there was a tickle in my brain. Is Rosetta Stone really better?

Now, with Rosetta Stone German and Tell Me More German in hand I have an answer.

And yes, Rosetta Stone is the better program.

In some ways.

Really, I'd have to say these are quite different programs, rather than one being substantially better.

Tell Me More is a like a class in a box. There is a mix of exercises that help to build vocabulary, sentence structure, writing, pronunciation, and other aspects. Each section has a large mix of short lessons that reinforce the learning without becoming dull or tedious. Save yourself taking language classes by using Tell Me More.

Rosetta Stone is a lot less like taking a class. It's more like finding yourself on an island with a group of people who all only speak another shared language. And if you want to learn how to thrive on this island, then you follow their patient, but focused, teaching. The lessons advance by building on previous lessons, adding grammar and vocabulary in small increments without being separate focus. Rosetta Stone goes for whole learning, approaching the language as a whole rather than in separate topics. Also, there is a tracking system so that after a certain amount of days a review lesson pops up that makes sure what was learned a couple of weeks ago is still there. Good confidence boost too.

This approach sticks, and it is effective.

My only quibble is I'm not sure it's quite worth the amount of money they are asking. Indeed, if money isn't an issue then by all means go with Rosetta Stone. There are qualities that do set it apart, and it helps a person feel much more involved in the language and less like taking a class. I see it also as a continued resource way beyond the initial run through, providing a consistent platform to keep the language sharp.

The island analogy is also appropriate because Rosetta Stone doesn't have nearly the same amount of cultural exposure that Tell Me More does. The Tell Me More program offers more German (as in the country) exposure, along with Austria and Switzerland.

Tell Me More also has a more potent vocabulary push, especially early on. Rosetta Stone takes a long while to build a foundation and with this can become pretty repetitive.

But, if money is an issue Tell Me More is comparable in quality, without being nearly as expensive.

That's not a slam against the product quality of Rosetta Stone at all. It really is an extraordinary software, and revolutionizes language learning.

Customer Rating: Average rating of 4/5Average rating of 4/5Average rating of 4/5Average rating of 4/5Average rating of 4/5
Summary: Better than Pimsleur
Comment: The Rosetta Stone language system, for me at least, is far better than Pimsleur. Pimplseur only teaches oral skills; I need to be able to "see" words and have the visual re-enforce the spoken.

Customer Rating: Average rating of 3/5Average rating of 3/5Average rating of 3/5Average rating of 3/5Average rating of 3/5
Summary: Good for some
Comment: This product will allow you to communicate on a basic level in German. After completing the three levels you will still be at a beginner level. Do not buy this product expecting to become fluent in German.

Customer Rating: Average rating of 5/5Average rating of 5/5Average rating of 5/5Average rating of 5/5Average rating of 5/5
Summary: Simply a Great System - Highly Recommended
Comment: Rosetta Stone - German
I have never used any of Rosetta Stones' products before, but I am familiar with the challenges of learning a new language (having taken Japanese for several years) and I was looking forward to giving this a try.

Rosettas Advantage:
Rosetta uses immersion as it's main method, which basically means that you learn a language in that language, rather than presenting a concept or phrase in English and then providing the foreign language equivalent. I think Rosetta's approach is the right one as it provides a word or phrase with conceptual identifiers (within pictures) that seem (at least to me) to work much better than any other method I have tried.

Rossetta's approach is to start you off immediately in the language you are learning, in this case German, and you immediately start to associate the new words and phrases with their meaning. Rosetta does this in a pretty effective way, using pictures of people in situations where the words are used, allowing you to associate the words and items in your mind.

Where Other systems Fail:
The reason the "presenting a phrase in English / then in another language" approach other systems and college courses use doesn't work well (in my opinion) is that there are many cases where there is no direct foreign equivalent. This is especially true with cultural-centric phrases like greetings and farewells that have developed and contracted over time in such a way that the meaning is much more than the translation. The other problem with teaching a foreign language in English is that you tend to rely on the translation in your head rather than "thinking" in the language you are speaking.

The Challenge:
It is said that Rosetta is addictive, and I couldn't agree more. If you like a challenge (most language learners do), then you will have lots of fun with this. I found that I really didn't want to quit and challenged myself to do better with each lesson. Yes, eventually, your mind gets pretty tired and you will take a break, but I have to say it is really fun and you really feel like you've had a mental workout after (in a good way).

The system comes with audio CD's, which I think is really helpful, but I find I only used them to check them out, not necessarily in the car or at home. I think a great replacement or add-on to this feature would be some kind of iTunes subscription that let's you easily put these on an iPod or MP3 player. I would likely listen to the audio more while working or maybe if I want something in the background to occupy my mind a bit when doing tedious work. I would often do this with a Japanese radio station and found it helped me with picking out words from native speakers and using the language within the correct context.

I installed Rosetta Stone on a Mac with OSX Leopard and I had no problems at all. The only suggestion that I would make is that you be sure to restart after installation, just for safe measure. Since it interacts with hardware (via the included USB headset and mic), and requires activation of the software, it's a practice I have come to trust, regardless of the installation instructions and so far has treated me well.

The system comes with good instructions on installation and use, a headset, the installation CD's and the audio CD's. In fact, the documentation is above par in most respects. Kudos to Rosetta for that. The only issue I had is that the box everything comes in is small, which is great for those of us with environmental concerns, but this means the headset included can get a bit squished. In my case, one of the ear pieces was broken off in the box and didn't work. I found it uncomfortable to hear in only one ear although the mic seemed to work well. Lucky for me I had another around and used is (Creative Fatality Headset (Black) - http://www.amazon.com/Creative-Fatal1ty-Gaming-Headset-Black/dp/B001BDI9SU/ref=pd_bbs_4?ie=UTF8&s;=electronics&qid;=1225474432&sr;=8-4 ) and this one worked very well.

Bottom Line: Having taken a few languages, this was, by far, one of the most fun experiences I have had. I find it stimulating and challenging with just the right mix of everything in it to keep everyone happy. For me, it sparked a whole new interest in German from my whole family. We all had fun with it together

Everyone learns differently, and I have spent quite a lot of time learning this in business as well. Methods that work for some, may not work well for others. I think Rosetta has found a "sweet spot" here and would recommend it to anyone except those that like a structured approach based in English.

All of this aside, Rosetta Stone shouldn't be your only tool in learning a language, and it's not intended to be. The culture is a great part of the language, and you should experience the culture at every opportunity to really start to understand how to speak fluently. You will never be "finished" learning a language. You are never done. As my Japanese teacher would say, "This is the beginning of a lifetime of learning". How true.

Armed with Rosetta, I think you'll be pretty well prepared for the lifetime learning a new language will bring. It is a perfect place to start.

Customer Rating: Average rating of 5/5Average rating of 5/5Average rating of 5/5Average rating of 5/5Average rating of 5/5
Summary: Go, Rosetta, Go!
I have already tried two other Rosetta products and they worked so well, that I also got this German language program although I already know this language at a certain level. As of this time I do not know any other language program that could successfully compete with this one. Except, of course, for learning language abroad. I fully recommend Rosetta's language series for everyone. For more detailed information please refer to my reviews of Rosetta's French and Italian.

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