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Sydney Olympic Judo Results

Event Medal Athlete Country
Men Extra Lightweight Gold  Tadahiro Nomura Japan 
Men Extra Lightweight Silver  Bu-Kyung Jung Korea 
Men Extra Lightweight  Bronze  Manolo Poulot  Cuba 
Men Extra Lightweight Bronze  Aidyn Smagulov  Kyrgyzstan
Men Half Heavyweight Gold  Kosei Inoue  Japan
Men Half Heavyweight Silver Nicolas Gill Canada 
Men Half Heavyweight Bronze  Iouri Stepkine Russia 
Men Half Heavyweight Bronze  Stephane Traineau France 
Men Half Lightweight Gold  Huseyein Ozkan  Turkey 
Men Half Lightweight  Silver  Larbi Benboudaoud France 
Men Half Lightweight Bronze  Girolamo Giovinazzo Italy 
Men Half Lightweight Bronze  Giorgi Vazagashvili Georgia 
Men Half Middleweight Gold  Makoto Takimoto Japan 
Men Half Middleweight Silver  In-Chul Cho Korea 
Men Half Middleweight Bronze  Aleksei Budolin Estonia 
Men Half Middleweight Bronze  Nuno Delgado Portugal 
Men Heavyweight Gold  David Douillet France 
Men Heavyweight Silver  Shinichi Shinohara Japan 
Men Heavyweight Bronze  Indrek Pertelson Estonia 
Men Heavyweight Bronze  Tamerlan Tmenov Russia 
Men Lightweight Gold  Giuseppe Maddaloni Italy 
Men Lightweight Silver  Tiago Camilo Brazil 
Men Lightweight Bronze  Anatoly Laryukov Belarus 
Men Lightweight Bronze  Vsevolods Zelonijs Latvia 
Men Middleweight  Gold  Mark Huizinga  Netherlands 
Men Middleweight Silver  Carlos Honorato Brazil 
Men Middleweight  Bronze  Frederic Demontfaucon France 
Men Middleweight Bronze  Ruslan Mashurenko Ukraine 
Women Half Lightweight Gold  Legna Verdecia  Cuba 
Women Half Lightweight Silver  Noriko Narazaki  Japan 
Women Half Lightweight Bronze  Sun Hui Kye North Korea 
Women Half Lightweight  Bronze  Yuxiang Liu China 
Women Extra Lightweight Gold  Ryoko Tamura  Japan 
Women Extra Lightweight Silver  Lioubov Brouletova Russia 
Women Extra Lightweight Bronze  Anna-Maria Gradante Germany 
Women Extra Lightweight  Bronze  Ann Simons  Belgium 
Women Half Heavyweight Gold  Lin Tang  China 
Women Half Heavyweight Silver  Celine Lebrun France 
Women Half Heavyweight Bronze  Simona Marcela Richter  Romania 
Women Half Heavyweight  Bronze  Emanuela Pierantozzi Italy 
Women Half Middleweight Gold  Severine Vandenhende  France 
Women Half Middleweight  Silver Shufang Li China 
Women Half Middleweight Bronze  Sung-Sook Jung Korea 
Women Half Middleweight  Bronze  Gella Vandecaveye  Belgium 
Women Heavyweight  Gold  Hua Yuan  China 
Women Heavyweight  Silver  Daima Mayelis Beltran  Cuba 
Women Heavyweight Bronze  Seon-Young Kim  Korea 
Women Heavyweight  Bronze  Mayumi Yamashita Japan 
Women Lightweight  Gold  Isabel Fernandez Spain 
Women Lightweight Silver  Driulys Gonzalez  Cuba 
Women Lightweight  Bronze  Kie Kusakabe Japan 
Women Lightweight Bronze Maria Pekli Australia
Women Middleweight  Gold  Sibelis Veranes  Cuba
Women Middleweight Silver Kate Howey Britain
Women Middleweight Bronze Min-Sun Cho Korea 
Women Middleweight  Bronze  Ylenia Scapin  Italy 
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