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Sydney Olympic Taekwondo Results

Event Medal Athlete Country
Men Featherweight  Gold  Steven Lopez  United States 
Men Featherweight  Silver  Joon-Sik Sin  Korea 
Men Featherweight  Bronze  Hadi Saeibonehkohal  Iran 
Men Flyweight  Gold  Michail Mouroutsis  Greece 
Men Flyweight  Silver  Gabriel Esparaza Spain 
Men Flyweight Bronze  Chih-Hsiung Huang  Chinese Taipei
Men Heavyweight Gold  Kyong-Hun Kim Korea 
Men Heavyweight Silver  Daniel Trenton  Australia 
Men Heavyweight  Bronze  Pascal Gentil France 
Men Welterweight Gold  Angel Matos Fuentes  Cuba 
Men Welterweight  Silver  Faissal Ebnoutalib  Germany 
Men Welterweight  Bronze  Victor Estrada-Garibay  Mexico 
Women Featherweight  Gold  Jae-Eun Jung Korea 
Women Featherweight  Silver  Hieu Ngan Tran Vietnam 
Women Featherweight Bronze  Hamide Bikcin  Turkey 
Women Flyweight  Gold  Lauren Burns Australia 
Women Flyweight Silver  Urbia Rodriguez Cuba 
Women Flyweight  Bronze  Shu-Ji Chi Chinese Taipei 
Women Heavyweight  Gold  Zhong Chen China 
Women Heavyweight Silver  Natalia Ivanova Russia 
Women Heavyweight Bronze  Dominique Bosshart Canada 
Women Welterweight Gold  Sun-Hee Lee Korea 
Women Welterweight Silver  Trude Gundersen  Norway 
Women Welterweight  Bronze  Yoriko Okamoto  Japan 
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