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Pittsburgh PA

Join us for a weekend Summer Camp teaching seminar.
The camp will be on July 29-31 and seminar is entitled,
"The Way of the Hyung"
Our instructor will be:
Master Jay S. Penfil, 7th Dan in Tang Soo Do
We will study the ancient Hyung concepts of:
* Oyo (analysis of attacker's technique)
* Bunkai (analysis of defender's technique)
* Henka (variation of Oyo & Bunkai)
The will be exploring all the traditional Tang Soo Do Gup Forms
and also some Dan forms, as time permits.
This seminar will demonstrate the historic grabs, strikes, blocks, kicks
and pressure points in the ancient Tang Soo Do Hyung.
The purpose of this seminar is to introduce the participants to the
philosophies and principles of the
movement's and techniques in our Hyung as they were intended by the
All ranks are welcome - hope to hear from you soon.

Tang Soo!
David L. Doty, Ee Dan Tang Soo Do
Host of the "Way of the Hyung" Seminar

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