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Battle of Detroit Martial Arts Championship and Stars Convention


Championship Mailing address:


P.O.Box 112


Caro, Michigan 48723


Dear Star:


It gives me great pleasure to introduce you to the The Stars For Charity Event  and the
Battle of Detroit World Martial Arts Championship 2006 in its 36th year.


Location will be Detroit, Michigan


The event last year brought in 1,000s of competitors and spectators to see their favorite Stars, Masters, Grand Masters and get autographs or pictures with the stars. Judson Scott-in Wrath of Khan- Star Trek, Charmed, X- Files, Blade, Fugitive, Dukes of Hazard, General Hospital. TJ Storm star in Mortal Combat,Connant, Virginia Hey with major roles in Mad Max 2, Mission Impossible, Farscape, Flipper and countless other movies will be there to sign autographs and have pictures taken with spectators. Matthias Hue in Dark Angel, Star Trek VI. Raye Hollitt "Zap" American Gladiator and Bay Watch Girl, Alana Curry-Terminator 3, Beverly Hills 90210, Bold & the Beautiful,
Robert Rasner- Saved by the Bell, Full house, The Marshal, Shihan Fumio Demura besides teaching Karate, Mr. Demura is the stunt man for Pat Morita in the Karate Kid series of motion pictures, as well in the O'Hara television series. His other film credits include, Island of Dr. Moreau, Bring 'Em back alive, and most recently Rising Sun and Mortal Kombat.   Vera Vanguard the Warrior Mistress and Laura Croft stunt double, Benjamin Kil junior actor, Sifu Redmond, Erik Betts-Buffy the Vampire Slayer,Angel,Sifu Cao.
Michael Jai White featured in Spawn and Kill Bill Vol 2” and many other stars such as Paul Ganus in Monolith and
Vera Van Guard Martial Arts Action Figure and Warrior Mistress were there. We would like you to agree to come and help out our charity by your appearance.


Mayor of Detroit Gwame Kil Patrick will open the ceremony that will host Michigan and Detroit's areas largest championship. It will be full of excitement and action as we host the World Martial Arts Open Championship 2006Stars for Charity and Battle of Detroit Martial Arts Expo in Detroit, Michigan.


  We need you to make an appearance for this worthy cause.


Sponsored by the MGM Grand Casino Detroit, WRIF Radio, The Metro Times, Sport Karate Radio, Professional Martial Arts Magazine, Inside Kung Fu, The Circle of Life Hospital, and World Martial Arts College the event raised money for Z.I.A.D. Healthcare for the Underserved a non profit providing primary care to the poor and working poor uninsured.


Last year 45,000,000 Americans had no health insurance and Z.I.A.D. helps those in need.


  Of course Martial Arts as well as being a healthy exercise also teaches youth to stay off drugs, keep good grades in school and achieve in life. Two great causes. Keeping people healthy, maximizing their potential and living well.


Year 2006 event will be held Febuary 25th and 26th Saturday and Sunday in the Detroit Michigan area. 2005 expo was held at the University of Michigan. It will include a championship, Demonstrations, ceromony and Stars mingle where Stars will have a table were they may meet their fans, sign autographs, and take pictures for charity. The profit from the admission fee will go to the charity and stars may charge for pictures, autographs and items they bring for sale and keep those proceeds.


In the afternoon Feb 25th from 6-7pm will be a Masters and Stars demo and appearance.


Both days there will be a major World sanctioned Open Martial Arts championships with two sets of rules. Something for everyone and the Mayor of the city of Detroit Kwame KilPatrick will open the ceremony.


Please join us and make this charity event possible-the cause is very right and a hugh task of helping the 45,000,000 uninsured in America. 8 out of 10 of them work and struggle for a living. Z.I.A.D. Healthcare for the Underserved‘s goal is to spread nationally the work it started in Michigan, serving the uninsured. It has provided thousands of persons with needed primary healthcare to prevent catastrophic illnesses by detection early up.


Ideally you will donate your time, and expenses to the charity for a tax write off. There will also be some possibility of the us providing all or part of your air, and accommodations, or receive a tax exempt letter for your in kind services and expense so please respond back with an affirmative and I will contact you. You may e-mail me at [email protected] . Please let me know if you can attend both days or only one and what your needs may be.


Vendors and sponsors can reach me at 313-815-8767


Stars and celebrities may also sell something at the event, sign autographs, have pictures sold and keep all or part of the proceeds.


  Last year the event drew over 2,000 persons. Detroit is the 5th largest city in the United States and the Championship is being held in 8th largest county in the U.S.


Your confirmation to be at the event will help us increase the profits for the non-profit and will be truly appreciated. I can be reached at 313-85-8767. Non-profit Web site: www.ziadhealthcare.org , and Battle of Detroit web site www.worldmartialartscollege.com . You can contact me at [email protected] or by calling 313-815-8767. We need your confirmation by June 10, 2005.










Grand Master Dr. Ibraham Ahmed

Stars for Charity and Battle of Detroit-

Tournament Promoter



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