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CompleteMartialArts.com - Don't Drink the Water: The Essential Guide to Our Contaminated Drinking Water and What You Can Do About It

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Binding: Paperback
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Number Of Pages: 100
Publication Date: 1996-04
Publisher: Kali Pr
Studio: Kali Pr

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Customer Rating:
Summary: Some good info, but not enough
Comment: For the reader who currently knows nothing about water contamination and purification, this is a decent book, since it provides some eye-opening information. However, there are better books out there, depending on what you're looking for.

For specific advice on water contamination and safe water alternatives, including bottled water and home purification, I recommend Colin Ingram's "The Drinking Water Book." It has more information and a better format, including a simple chart that rates the effectiveness of different home purification methods for eliminating different contaminants (something this author didn't include).

If you're looking for something more political, buy "The Sierra Club Guide to Safe Drinking Water." This lists specific steps to improve drinking water on a larger level, including political action and people/agencies to contact. It also includes a list of major U.S. cities and their violations of water purity regulations. Finally, it lists the EPA drinking water standards in an appendix. Of course, it also includes advice on safe water alternatives, but this is not as extensive as the recommendations in The Drinking Water Book (see above).

Customer Rating:
Summary: Very Scary! Excellent Read! A Must for Every Nutritionist
Comment: I just got finished reading this book in between classes, and all I can say is WOW! Be aware, and beware of your tap water. If these statistics are correct, then the EPA and the U.S. government are not concerned with protecting your right to clean water, and therefore, you must educate yourself in order to protect against degenerative disease.

[ 1991-1992 EPA records showed that the nations water systems committed over 250,000 violations of the Safe Drinking Water Act, affecting more than 100 million Americans - and 10% of those exceeded the MCL (Max Contaminant Level) of the EPA. ]

This book is a great start finding out the truth of the matter. Toxins are everywhere! We all need to learn where they exist and remove them for our own and our childrens sake.

Someday, a high ranking official on TV may review this book, or a similar subject and try and spin these numbers a certain way to make it not sound so bad, but don't be fooled. Statistics seldom lie. Only politicians do. Politicians can come from any field, not just government. Politicians come from industry, medicine, lobby, and big business etc. Be a detective, and look for anything that doesn't make sense.

"The Truth is Obvious, Everything Else is Questionable"

Customer Rating:
Summary: Read this book! It contains vital information.
Comment: This book is certainly a very factual and "blunt" book about the seriousness of our domestic water quality. With the coming "Y2K" event on the horizon, I believe Lono A'o's comments are even more appropriate and noteworthy. I have given this book a 5 star and I am giving serious thought to making this book a required reading for all the students in my Environmental Studies class at New England College. That's how serious I believe the issue is.

Customer Rating:
Summary: Very thorough about current water filtration methods
Comment: If you ever plan on buying a water filter of any kind -- this is the book to read. The only reason I did not give it 5 stars is that I wish it would have given more specific information regarding name brand water filtration systems available and where to get testing information etc.

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