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Walter Choo
Joe Holck
Frank Ordonez
Adriano Emperado
Clarence Chang




History of Kajukenbo

The name KAJUKENBO pays respect to the five arts that went into it's creation. KA Korean Karate ( Tang So Do ), JU Judo and Ju-Jitsu ( Danzan Ryu ), KEN Hawaiian Kenpo ( Kosho Ryu), BO Chinese Boxing ( Sil Lum Gung Fu ).

Kajukenbo was created in Hawaii during the years 1947-1949 following WW II. Five men came together in a quest to create an efficient martial art workable for the streets of Hawaii. Up to that time the traditional martial arts were very restrictive and did not allow the free expression of the ideas of it's practitioners. Training secretly for the first two years the founders were able to blend their arts together away from the prying eyes and unwanted commentary of others. They called themselves the Black Belt Society.

The five men that created this art were,

  • Walter Choo (Tang So Do)
  • Joe Holck ( Danzan Ryu Judo and Ju Jitsu)
  • Frank Ordonez ( Danzan Ryu Ju Jitsu)
  • Adriano Emperado (Kosho Ryu Kenpo)
  • Clarence Chang (Sil Lum Gung Fu).
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