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History of Korean Martial Arts by In Sun Seo

History of Korean Martial Arts by Jane Hallander

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Link to Official Kidohae web site 

On September 2, 1963, the Korean Government recognized Korea KIDO Association (KIDOHAE) as an official governing body for 31 styles of Korean Traditional Martial Arts. 

On May 31, 1986, The World KIDO Federation is established to allow sincere and legitimate martial artists of the world to reclaim their original roots and align with a Martial Arts organization in Korea.

The 31 Styles of Korean Martial Arts Represented in the Korea KIDO Association

Mu Do Won Jung Mu Won Seung Mu Kwan Kuk Mu Kwan Tuk Gong Mu Sool Hwa Rang Do
Mu Yeh Kwan Moon Mu Kwan Kung Jung Mu Sool Sun Mu Kwan Kuk Sool Kwan Soo Mu Kwan
Yu Sool Kwan Il Ho Kwan Kwang Do Kwan Mu Moon Kwan Kuk Sool Won Huk Ju Kwan
Kuk Ki Kwan Jung Mu Kwan Hapkido Tae Kuk Kwan Yang Woo Kwan Sung Mu Kwan
Chun Ji Kwan Chun Mu Kwan Kuk Do Kwan Bul Kyo Mu Sool Ju Mu Kwan Chung Yong Kwan
Choong Mu Kwan


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