A compilation of some of the winning scores from this year’s AJKC. All videos were taken from AJKF’s YouTube channel ( www.youtube.com ). The music are “Sur le Fil” and “La Valse d’Amélie (Version Piano)” from the Amélie OST composed by Yann Tiersen. In chronological order: — First Round — o Higashinaga’s kote on Honda o Uchimura’s do on Fujii o Takanabe’s men on Shimeyatsu — Second Round — o Imoto’s men on Suzuki o Koiso’s men on Inage — Third Round — o Ooishi’s kote on Imoto o Takasaka’s men on Furusawa o Uchimura’s kote on Yoneya — Quarter-Finals — o Teramoto’s kote on Kinoshita — Semi-Finals — o Uchimura’s kote on Teramoto o Teramoto’s men on Uchimura o Uchimura’s men on Teramoto o Takahashi’s men on Takasaka — Finals — o Uchimura’s men on Takahashi Congratulations Uchimura Ryouichi, 57th AJKC 2009 champion! My personal hero yaaaaay

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