hangin with a friend and made a jujitsu demo hope you like it. I added a little flare to some of the techniques but all of them come from real solid techniques, but i had to make it a little more exciting just to get people to tune in. I love the break falls in this video kiet is the man. Lots of fun. I love break falls they have to be my favorite things to do. Something about learning how to relax and not tense has to be one of the biggest lessons to learn in jujitsu. I got into a Car wreck the other day doing 80 mph totalled the car on a guard rail. When everything went into slow motion and the guardrail was coming towards the car, i remember my training. In that split second i relaxed and put my hands up at 90 degrees to shield my face! as the car spun around three times a relaxed and moved with the car. I walked away no scratches. That day justifies all my training that was my proud moment!!!! Another video coming soon. have any suggestions on things you would like in more detail please tell me

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