I-st Open World Championship Cheezic Tang Soo Do & o World Cup Tang Soo Do. 17-18 October 2009 Pulawy, Poland www.worldcup-tsd.org The Korean Tang Soo Do is known around the world. There are a lot of federations, groups, associations, and clubs today. There might be a lot of differences in uniforms, Black Belt and Gup requirements, differences in forms, certificate style, and other, but one thing we have in common - our love for Tang Soo Do. I would like to invite you to represent your organization in the I-st Open World Championship Cheezic Tang Soo Do where we can show the world that despite some differences, there is only one Tang Soo Do. There will be four categories for you to compete in: Sparring, Weapons, Traditional Forms, and Breaking. You will also have an opportunity to compete in Tang Soo Do First World Cup with categories such as: Modern Forms (Chill Sung and Yuk Ro), Breaking, and Jump Kick.

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