IMPORTANT NOTICE: Some one has infringed fraud with our material for an app on itunes. Why pay for videos that are already free? This App is not a Master Wong product as no signs of the Master Wong branding is used to advertise the App. They have disguised the cover, but when you go to the link our videos pop up. The person who produced the app has no rights or have any authorization to use our material to make profit on some thing that they did not produce or put any work in to. They are taking the public viewers for a fool and have robbed us for our hard work. Even though it’s not our product we will try our best to help those customers who has brought the App get their money back. E-mail to this address to make your complaint: [email protected] Master Wong Wing Chun Kung Fu level 2 will link and combine the basic techniques including aspects from our Sil Lim Tao, Chum kiu, Biu Jee and Wooden Dummy applications. Our unique Energy drills make it easy to learn and apply your technique for self defence Real in Real time! Some people say our system is the best in the world, judge for your self! Master Wong Training is available in Ipswich Suffolk UK. Click here for more info.

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