www.CompleteMartialArt.com This is the second half of the Hwa Rang Do® demonstration that took place in October, 2006 at the 7th World Martial Art Expo in Carson, California. Here, the members of the West Coast Hwa Rang Do® Demo Team show an impressive display of its multifaceted nature using the staff, spear, sword, fans, and takedowns. The final demonstration was conducted by Chief Master Taejoon Lee himself as he runs through a gauntlet of different submissions techniques from various positions using various joints. The entire demonstration was concluded with the formal traditional bowing to the audience and to each other. To learn more about Hwa Rang Do® please visit www.CompleteMartialArt.com *Posted with permission from the World Hwa Rang Do® Association.* *NOTE: HWA RANG DO and TAE SOO DO are registered trademarks held by the Founder Dr. Joo Bang Lee and are licensed and controlled by the one and only governing organization, the World Hwa Rang Do Association.

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