www.youtube.com Click here to watch Machinima Replay: Madden Tournament 8/6/10 (Semi-Finals & Finals) S01E42 Sports! Machinima Replay 8/10/10 (TO Hard Knocks Darrelle Revis & 2md UFC 117 Silva v Sonnen) S01E43 Sports There is a lot happening in the NFL. Terrell Owens debuted with the Bengals as they took on Tony Romo and the Dallas Cowboys in pre-season on Sunday. HBO’s Hard Knocks premieres on Wednesday and features Constant’s favorite team, the New York Jets. Hopefully it will shed some light on this whole Darrelle Revis fiasco. Madden NFL 11 officially launched this week and if you haven’t noticed, the Machinima Sports channel debuted a brand new show titled “Madden NFL 11 Mini Camp” this past Saturday. This show is about getting your Madden game up to par with that of pro gamers. We have several Madden pros signed on as directors and they will be assisting Constant as he gets his game tournament ready. Constant also delivers a fresh new 2 Minute Drill featuring Jai Eazy’s Me versus Me video as he combines his my player in NBA 2K10 and his real life league play, demonbomb102’s WWE ladder match between MVP and John Morrison, GlakGaming’s Skate 3 glitch on how to get more speed, and TeamHeadkick’s UFC 117 match between Silva and Sonnen. TODAY’S FEATURED VIDEOS: Machinima Replay Overtime: Madden Tournament 8/6/10 (FINALS - Money Marcus VS. Delph) Sports! www.youtube.com WWE SmackDown! Vs Raw 2010 Ladder Match: MVP v John Morrison ft Chimpy Dolittle & Blame Truth Sports