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Kung Fu Iron Vest Training

Iron vest training is usually considered "closed door" training at most kung fu schools, meaning that is not typically taught to just anyone, but instead is reserved for advanced students who have proven themselves not only in terms of skill development but also in terms of character development. Remember that in the olden days, a kung fu sifu (teacher) also wanted his students to be of good morals and values.

Iron vest (also sometimes called "iron shirt"), is a training system designed to protect the practitioner from strikes that managed to get through his defenses. As anyone who studies a martial art knows, even if you are very skilled in blocking and evading, you will still get hit from time to time. Iron vest protects you from these strikes. In fact, some people who practice this type of training will do demonstrations where they allow themselves to be hit in the torso with a sledge hammer to show that they can take the massive blow without being injured.

Iron vest is a combination of internal and external exercises. The internal aspects involve special breathing and qigong routines, while the external aspects involve holding certain postures and stances and performing certain movements for a specific number of sets or reps.

There will also typically be a portion of training that consists of standing meditation, usually at the end of the training session.

In the beginning, iron vest will protect just the center of the student's torso from strikes. Over time, as he practices longer and develops more skill, the protected area will slowly start to spread until nearly the entire torso is resilient to strikes.

It's best to practice this type of training under the guidance of a knowledgeable kung fu master, as practicing incorrectly can potentially cause damage to the organs.

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