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Unarmed Fighting Techniques: The Fighting Techniques That Keep You Alive

Opinions vary when you're talking about the best street fighting techniques to use in the case of a real attack. The best fighting techniques to use, of course, are the ones that work!!! Anyone who can relate knows that when you're in that situation, you need fighting techniques that end the fight fast----- and keep you alive at the same time. These techniques of fighting can often cripple, disable and even kill an attacker. Here are 4 unarmed fighting techniques that you can use to your advantage to end a fight or at least keep you alive in one.

Head Strikes:

Most fights end up in a grappling situation at one point or another. This situation is the perfect setup for a head strike or head butt. The head butt is most effective when it's used against your opponents nose. The fighting technique can be used in four directions. It can be used from a forward, head on position. When you're doing it from this position, remember to make contact with the top part of your forehead. It can also be used by hitting someone with the back or side of your head, if you're being grabbed and your arms are immobilized.

Elbow strikes are great because they can be used from a stand up position, grappling situation or ground fighting. The best places to attack with the elbows are the nose, throat, ribs and the solar plexis. The reason that the elbow is one of the best unarmed fighting techniques is because it's a hard and explosive strike that is hard to see coming. It's also very hard to defend against because of this.

Edge Hand Strikes:

Using the edge of your hand is one of those lethal techniques of fighting. The edge of the hand can be used in a whipping motion and can be used to strike your attacker's nose or throat. This can cause serious injury and even death. You can also whip it horizontially or diagonally to the back of his neck. This technique is one of those pretty lethal unarmed fighting techniques.

Web Hand Strikes:

The fighting techniques that work the best in the street are those that can be used quickly. Using the web of your hand(the part of your hand between your thumb and forefinger) can be struck to your opponent's throat. When you are using this strike be sure to keep your hand stiff with your palm facing down. This is one of those techniques of fighting that is quick and effective to stop an attacker dead in his tracks.

The best unarmed fighting techniques to use are found in the martial art style of Pressure Point Fighting. The fighting techniques here are the easiest and most effective techniques of fighting to use on the street. Visit Martial Arts Pressure Points to learn 3 of the easiest but downright nastiest fighting techniques that you can use right now to end a fight almost before it starts!!!

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