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Top 50 Martial Arts Topsites List

muay thai training camp

Dennis Alexio Undisputed World heavyweight kickboxing champion
chat.gif (12669 bytes) Mike Chaturantabut Forms Competition Champion
Fedor Emelianenko Pride Heavyweight Champion
Mirko "Cro Cop" Filipovic K-1, Pride, UFC Heavyweight Fighter
Rickson Gracie Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Champion 
  Carlson Gracie, Jr. Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Champion
  Rorion Gracie K-1 winner
roycegracie.gif (12471 bytes) Royce Gracie Ultimate Fighting Champion
Takanori Gomi Pride Lightweight Champion
  Wallid "The Destroyer" Ismail Brazilian Ju Jitsu Champion
Denis Kang Top Pride Middleweight Fighter
Michele "Mouse" Krasnoo  
jimmykim.gif (80939 bytes) Jimmy Kim 1988 Tae Kwon Do Olympic Medallist
cungle.jpg (12403 bytes) Cung Le Sanshou Champion
kathylong.jpg (12547 bytes) Kathy Long Female Kickboxing Champion
Steven Lopez 2000 and 2004 Tae Kwon Do Olympic Gold Medalist
Pat Miletich Former UFC champion and founder of Miletich Fighting Systems.
chuck.jpg (2882 bytes) Chuck Norris Tang Soo Do master and star of Walker, Texas Ranger
Tito Ortiz Ultimate Fighting Championship winner
hosungpark.gif (39147 bytes) Hosung Pak  
Jimmy Pedro Judo Olympian
herbperez.jpg (18133 bytes) Herb Perez 1992 Tae Kwon Do Olympic Medallist and Olympus in WMAC Masters
erniereyes.jpg (18832 bytes) Erne Reyes Jr. Child Martial Arts movie star turned Kickboxing champion
Bas Rutten MMA Legend
marcoruas.jpg (9516 bytes) Marco Ruas Ultimate Vale Tudo Fighting Champion
dansevern.jpg (16926 bytes) Dan Severn Ultimate Fighting Championship winner / Greco-Roman style Wrestler
frankshamrock.jpg (28453 bytes) Frank Shamrock UFC Middleweight Champion
kenshamrock.jpg (6384 bytes) Ken Shamrock Ultimate Fighting Championship winner and WWF wrestler
Benny "the Jet" Urquidez Kickboxing champion and martial arts action star
A. J. Verel Kickboxing Champion
donwilson.gif (64917 bytes) Don "the Dragon" Wilson Kickboxing champion and martial arts action star

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