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Don "The Dragon" Wilson (born September 10, 1954 in Illinois) is an American champion kickboxer and actor. He is most famous for his acting roles in action-adventure films, including nine titles in Roger Corman's Bloodfist series. His first film was Corman's Killer Instinct.

Wilson had a long and successful career in the ring. He was perhaps the best known and most successful kickboxer of his era. He was one of the very few American kickboxers of the time (the 1980s) to travel to Thailand and compete in Muay Thai under local rules. These rules differed from the kickboxing rules prevalent in the West at the time, in that American kickboxing generally allowed only kickboxing above the waist, together with boxing techniques. Muay Thai, on the other hand, allowed then as now leg kicks, elbows and knees (delivered usually during a clinch).

Often Western kickboxing of the era was undertaken with leg guards, forbidden in Thailand where the fighters would have had a lifetime of conditioning their shins. As a result, most Westerners facing Thais were defeated by unfamiliarity with Thai leg-checking techniques and by the superior conditioning of the Thais. Seen in that context, Wilson's record of two defeats in Thailand on points is more credible, as is his decision to fight in Thailand in the first place.

Wilson won a total of 11 World Titles with several Sanctioning bodies that included the IKF, WKA, KICK, ISKA, STAR and the PKO. He won his IKF (www.IKFKickboxing.com) FCR Cruiserweight World Title on May 15, 1999 in Lowell, Massachusetts, USA, when he defeated Dick Kimber. (Lynn, Massachusetts, USA PRO: 23-3/21, AM: 25-0/25 5'9" 197 ) At the end of the 3rd round Wilson came alive and exploded with a flurry that eventually knocked Kimber to the floor motionless. Referee Dan Stell counted Kimber out on the floor, a count that went into the round break. Kimber never stood during the count.

Having never been challenged for his title, Wilson Voluntarily Retired it to move down to the Light Heavyweight Division where he eventually retired from fighting a few years later.

Wilson was also a fight commentator and interviewer in many of the early UFC events. He stated several times that he would be willing to fight in the UFC himself if enough fans requested it, but it never happened.

Some Movies to his credit include: Futurekick, Bloodfist 1-9, Ring of Fire 1 & 2, Out for Blood, Operation Cobra, Blackbelt, Cyber Tracker 1 & 2, Sci Fighters, Redemption, and Capitol Conspiracy.

Married well known Film and Television Makeup artist Kathleen Karridene in 1996. They have three children together; Jonathan, Drayden, and Aubrianna.

Blackbelt Magazine's 1984 Full Contact Fighter of the Year

Don Wilson Videos

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  • Official Web Site Don "the Dragon" Wilson's official website. FLASH site.


The Dragon's Professional Record Includes: 71 Wins, 5 Losses, 2 Draws, 47 Knockouts, and 6 Kick-Knockouts


2000 - ISKA North American Cruiserweight Title
1999 - IKF Cruiserweight World Champion (190 lbs.) 
1989 - PKO Light-Heavyweight World Champion (170 lbs)
1988 - ISKA Cruiserweight World Champion (182 lbs)
1984 - STAR Super Light-Heavyweight World Champion (184 lbs)
1984 - WKA Super Light-Heavyweight World Champion (184 lbs)
1983 - STAR Cruiserweight World Champion (184 lbs) 
1983 - WKA Cruiserweight World Champion (190 lbs)
1983 - KICK Light-Heavyweight World Champion (175 lbs)
1982 - WKC Light-Heavyweight World Champion (175 lbs)
1980 - STAR Light-Heavyweight World Champion (175 lbs)
1980 - WKA Light-Heavyweight World Champion (175 lbs)
1979 - PKA Middleweight United States Champion (170 lbs)
1978 - PKA Middleweight Florida State Champion (170 lbs)


1988 - STAR Fighter of the Year
1985 - STAR Fighter of the Year
1984 - STAR Fighter of the Year
1984 - STAR Career Champion: Highest Rated Kickboxer of All Time
1984 - Black Belt Hall of Fame
1984 - Official Karate Hall of Fame
1983 - Official Karate Magazine's Fighter of the Year


Date Opponent Location Outcome


Dec. Bill Knoblock Orlando, FL NC-3


May Ken Broadway Melbourne, FL KKO-3
Aug. Ben Green Melbourne, FL DEC-5
Nov. Steve Shepherd Miami, FL Loss by Dec.


May 28 Rudy Burney Tampa, FL NC-5
Sep. Herbie Thompson Ft. Lauderdale, FL NC-5


Mar. Robert Dillard Melbourne, FL DEC-3
May John Sweet Miami, FL DEC-5
Jul. 18 Howard Hayden W. Palm Beach, FL DEC-5
Sep. 10 James Sisco Miami, FL KKO-3
Oct. 08 Robert Parris Melbourne, FL DEC-7


Apr. 08 Charlie Jordan Miami, FL TKO-4
Sep. 23 Ted Pryor Ft. Lauderdale, FL DEC-5
Oct. 20 Robert Biggs W. Palm Beach, FL Loss by Dec.
Nov. 18 Ron Harry Stuart, FL KO-1
Dec 02 Herb Thompson Ft. Lauderdale, FL DEC-7
Dec. Rick Herranz W. Palm Beach, FL KO-1


Jan. 13 James Sisco Bradenton, FL TKO-4
Feb. 17 Rich Cook Stuart, FL DEC-7
Mar. 07 Ted Pryor W. Palm Beach, FL DEC-7
May 26 Jeff Gripper W. Palm Beach, FL DEC-7
Jun. 09 Willie Ruffin Miami, FL TKO-3
Jun. 23 Benny Fernandez Bradenton, FL TKO-1
Jul. Al Durr Orlando, FL KO-3
Aug. John Shields Bradenton, FL TKO-2
Aug. Danny Wedges W. Palm Beach, FL KO-1
Sep. 15 Jimmy Horsley Orlando, FL TKO-7
Oct. 23 Willie Ruffin Orlando, FL TKO-5
Nov. 10 Steve Mackey Orlando, FL TDRAW-2


Jan. Greg Strong Miami, FL TKKO-7
Feb. 08 Larry Poore W. Palm Beach, FL TKO-7
Mar. 5 Glenn McMorris W. Palm Beach, FL Loss by TKO-1
Apr. 14 Bernard Clark Cocoa Beach, FL TKO-6
May 20 Larry Doggert Cocoa Beach, FL KO-7
Jun. Steve Mackey W. Palm Beach, FL KO-1
Jul. 21 Rodney Batiste Cocoa Beach, FL DEC-10
Oct. 13 Andy White Cocoa Beach, FL KO-2
Dec. 01  Larry Lockhart Cocoa Beach, FL TKO-4


Feb. 10 Eddie Dourant Ft. Pierce, FL TKO-7
Mar. 10 Herb Thompson Westchester, NY KO-8
Mar. 23 Greg Smith Cocoa Beach, FL DEC-5
May 15 Larry Nichols Ft. Pierce, FL KKO-5
Jun. 24 Muhammed Ashraf Tai Tokyo, Japan KO-2
Jul. 25 Al Mims W. Palm Beach, FL KO-3
Sep. 08 Panya Sornnoi Hong Kong, China SDEC-7
Oct. 24 Mark Zatarotos Las Vegas, NV KO-3
Dec. 07 Dennis Downey Cocoa Beach, FL TKO-7


Feb. 08 James Sisco Hong Kong, China TKO-4
Apr. 08 Panya Sornnoi Hong Kong, China DEC-9 
Sep. 04 James Warring Tokyo, Japan  DEC-11 
Nov. 06 Demetrius Edwards W. Palm Beach, FL  DEC-9 


Mar. 19 James Sisco Nassau, Bahamas KO-2
Apr. 19 Curtis Crandall Las Vegas, NV TKO-11
May 21 Maurice Smith Tokyo, Japan DEC-11
Jul. 16 Steve Valencia New York, NY TKO-4
Aug. 19 Jarvis Gradner Cocoa Beach, FL DEC-9
Sep. 26 Pongdienoi Prasobchai Hong Kong, China TKO-4
 Dec. 12 Samart Parsanmit Bangkok, Thailand Loss by Dec.


Mar. 29 Dennis Alexio Hollywood, FL DEC-12
Sep. 05 Attapong Buadan Hong Kong, China DEC-7
Dec. 18 Jean-Yves Theriault Montreal, Canada DRAW


Nov. 10 Michael Husbands Montreal, Canada TKO-5
Dec. 06 CharlieArchie Miami, FL KKO-1


Sep. 22 Rich Lopez Cocoa Beach, FL KKO-5


Jan. 19 Paul Ford Merrit Island, FL TKO-6
Apr. 22 Roger Hurd Cocoa Beach, FL TKO-4
Jun. 22 Art Jimmerson Cocoa Beach, FL KO-6
Sep. 12 Branimir Cikatic Orlando, FL  KO-7


Jul. 30 John England Miami, FL TKO-4
Oct. 08 Rob Salazar Lake Tahoe, NV SDEC-12


Mar. 18 Ferdinand Mack Berlin, Germany TKO-9
Apr. 13 Ken Stranberg Goteborg, Sweden DEC-5
Apr. 20 Keith Wilson London, England TKO-4
Jul. 03 Mike Winkeljohn Costa Mesa, CA TKO-10
Nov. 03 Marek Piotrowski Chicago, IL Loss by 1/2 pt.
Nov. 27 Giuliano Grillo Milan, Italy TKO-2
Dec. 01 Maurizio Curallo Rome, Italy TKO-1


Jul. 27 Yuleeb Kazakov W. Palm Beach, FL TKO-5


Jan. 12 Ghalib Carmichael Anaheim, CA DEC-11


May 14  Dick Kimber Lowell, MA TKO-3 


Mar. 17 Dewey Cooper  Las Vegas, NV DEC-10 

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