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Former UFC Middle Weight Champion

Height: 5.10

Weight: 185 lbs

Frank Shamrock (born Frank Alisio Juarez III on December 8, 1972 in Santa Monica, California) is an American mixed martial arts fighter. Shamrock was the first Middleweight champion in the UFC and retired as the 5-time undefeated champion. He has not been defeated since January 1997. Shamrock was also crowned a king of Pancrase, and was awarded the title The Fighter of The Decade for the 1990's. He is the adoptive younger brother of retired legendary MMA fighter and former professional wrestler Ken Shamrock.


From the age of 12, Frank Juarez was placed in various foster homes, group homes, and crisis centers. He eventually went to live with Bob Shamrock, who had taken in hundreds of troubled boys (including Frank's older adopted brother Ken). Juarez went to live with Shamrock at his home in Susanville, California, and was officially adopted by Shamrock at the age of 21. As his brother Ken did previously, Frank would later change his legal name to Frank Shamrock.

Mixed Martial Arts

In 1994, Ken began to train Frank in submission fighting. Frank accompanied his brother to bouts in the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) and grew to love the sport. He became a member of Ken's training school, the "Lion's Den", and made his debut in the Pancrase organization in December of 1994.

Shamrock found success in Pancrase, but after Ken departed the company, Frank's relationship with the organization soured. He lost to Bas Rutten in May 1996, and later that year lost to John Lober in Hawaii's Superbrawl. After his loss to Lober, Shamrock shifted the focus of his career exclusively to mixed martial arts.

Within the "Lion's Den", Frank trained up-and-coming stars such as Jerry Bohlander, Pete Williams, and Guy Mezger. He also developed a close relationship with Maurice Smith, who trained him in kickboxing. Shamrock went on to compete in the RINGS promotion, as well as in Vale Tudo Japan '97 and UFC Japan.

In 1997, he had a falling-out with Ken and Bob and they did not communicate again until much later after Bob had become gravely ill.

Shortly afterwards, Shamrock fought the undefeated Kevin Jackson for the UFC middleweight title. Shamrock forced Jackson submit to an armbar in 22 seconds to take the middleweight title (which the UFC later renamed the light-heavyweight title). He went on to defend the belt successfully against Igor Zinoviev, and Jeremy Horn. In October 1998, Shamrock avenged his earlier loss to John Lober by beating him in 7 minutes at UFC Brazil; Lober had made the return match personal by sending insulting and crude e-mails to Shamrock.

In September 1999, Frank Shamrock defended his middleweight title against Tito Ortiz at UFC 22. It was a titanic back-and-forth battle, with Shamrock winning after an elbow and punches to Ortiz's head and after tiring out Ortiz for over 19 minutes.

Shamrock then relinquished his title and retired from the UFC.


After his retirement, Shamrock landed a guest role on Walker, Texas Ranger and the main role in a Burger King commercial.

Return to fighting

After a brief retirement, Shamrock returned to mixed martial arts as a career. He signed a deal to fight jiu-jitsu standout Elvis Sinosic at K-1, the premiere kickboxing event in the world. Shamrock beat Sinosic via unanimous decision after five three-minute rounds. Later, when Sinosic faced Ortiz for the UFC light heavyweight title (formerly the middleweight title) at UFC 32, Shamrock served as guest commentator. On August 11, 2001, he took on his former student and protege, Shannon Ritch in a kickboxing match for K-1. Just 56 seconds into the first round, Shamrock broke Ritch's arm with a roundhouse kick and thereby won the match.

Shamrock trained UFC welterweight B.J. Penn at the American Kickboxing Academy and produced Bushido and ShootBox. His first MMA match since 1999 was winning the WEC Light Heavyweight Championship in under two minutes from Bryan Pardoe in March of 2003.

On March 10, 2006, in Strikeforce: Shamrock vs. Gracie, the first MMA event sanctioned by the state of California, he knocked out Cesar Gracie in 21 seconds.

Fight organizer and coach

In December of 2005, Shamrock opened his first school, Shamrock Martial Arts Academy in San Jose, CA. Shamrock trains his students in kickboxing and submission wrestling. He also manages Team Shamrock, his own fight team.

In June 2006, Shamrock was chosen as a coach for the International Fight League (IFL). Shamrock's team, the San Jose Razorclaws had their debut fight against Carlos Newton's Dragons on September 23, 2006 at the Mark in Moline, Illinois.

On September 14th 2006, it was announced that Shamrock had signed a multi-million dollar contract with startup MMA organization "The World Fighter" and was said to be scheduled to fight in January 2007.

Frank Shamrock will fight Cung Le next on March 2008.

MMA Record: 22-9-1

Results Opponent Method Event Title Date Round Time
Loss Cung Le TKO (Corner stoppage - Kick caused an ulnar fracture) EliteXC / Strikeforce - Shamrock vs. Le 3/29/08 3 5:00
Win Phil Baroni Submission (Rear Naked Choke) Elite XC / Strike Force - Shamrock vs. Baroni 6/22/07 2 4:00
Loss Renzo Gracie DQ (Knees to the head of a grounded opponent) Elite XC Destiny 2/10/07 2 2:00
 Win Cesar Gracie KO (Punch) Strike Force-Shamrock vs. Gracie 3/10/2006 1 0:21
 Win Bryan Pardoe Submission (Armbar) WEC 6-Return of a Legend 3/27/2003 1 1:46
 Win Elvis Sinosic Decision K-1-Grand Prix 2000 Final 12/10/2000 5 3:00
 Win Tito Ortiz Submission (Strikes) UFC 22-There Can Be Only One Champion 9/24/1999 4 4:42
 Win John Lober Submission (Strikes) UFC Brazil-Ultimate Brazil 10/16/1998 1 7:40
 Win Jeremy Horn Submission (Kneebar) UFC 17-Redemption 5/15/1998 1 16:28
 Win Igor Zinoviev KO (Slam) UFC 16-Battle in the Bayou 3/13/1998 1 0:22
 Win Kevin Jackson Submission (Armbar) UFC Japan-Ultimate Japan 1 12/21/1997 1 0:16
 Win Enson Inoue DQ (Egan Inoue Ran Into the Ring) VTJ 1997-Vale Tudo Japan 1997 11/29/1997 2 7:17
 Win Wes Gassaway DQ (Rope Escapes) WPC-World Pankration Championships 1 10/26/1997 1  
 Loss John Lober Decision (Split) SB 3-SuperBrawl 3 1/17/1997 1 30:00
 Loss Kiuma Kunioku Decision (Unanimous) Pancrase-Truth 10 12/15/1996 1 20:00
 Loss Yuki Kondo KO (Kick) Pancrase-1996 Anniversary Show 9/7/1996 1 12:43
 Win Manabu Yamada Submission Pancrase-1996 Neo-Blood Tournament, Round 1 7/22/1996 1 12:44
 Loss Bas Rutten TKO (Cut) Pancrase-Truth 5 5/16/1996 1 11:11
 Win Osami Shibuya Decision (Lost Points) Pancrase-Truth 4 4/8/1996 1 15:00
 Win Ryushi Yanagisawa Decision (Lost Points) Pancrase-Truth 2 3/2/1996 1 20:00
 Win Minoru Suzuki Submission (Kneebar) Pancrase-Truth 1 1/28/1996 1 22:53
 Win Vernon White Submission (Achilles Hold) Pancrase-Eyes Of Beast 7 12/14/1995 1 5:23
 Win Masakatsu Funaki Submission (Toehold) Pancrase-Eyes Of Beast 6 11/4/1995 1 10:31
 Win Takafumi Ito Submission Pancrase-1995 Anniversary Show 9/1/1995 1 7:23
 Loss Bas Rutten Decision (Split) Pancrase-1995 Neo-Blood Tournament, Round 2 7/23/1995 1 15:00
 Win Takaku Fuke Submission Pancrase-Eyes Of Beast 5 6/13/1995 1 8:16
 Draw Allan Goes Draw Pancrase-Eyes Of Beast 4 5/13/1995 1 10:00
 Win Minoru Suzuki Submission Pancrase-Eyes Of Beast 3 4/8/1995 1 3:23
 Loss Masakatsu Funaki Submission Pancrase-Eyes Of Beast 2 3/10/1995 1 5:11
 Win Katsuomi Inagaki Submission Pancrase-Eyes Of Beast 1 1/26/1995 1 6:14
 Loss Manabu Yamada Submission Pancrase-King of Pancrase Tournament, Round 1 12/16/1994 1 8:38
 Win Bas Rutten Decision (Majority) Pancrase-King of Pancrase Tournament, Round 1 12/16/1994 1 10:00

- From Wikipedia.org

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