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Birthday: November 8, 1967

Style: Wushu

Superstar on WMAC Masters

Ho-Sung Pak, a Korean-American, is a master of the very difficult and elaborate style of Kung-fu known as Wushu. He was trained in China by Wushu master, Sifu Won Jin Bo, the same master who trained Jet Li. Ho-Sung is widely regarded as one of the greatest modern practitioners of Wushu in America and throughout the world. He was one of the youngest people ever to be inducted into the prestigious Black Belt Hall of Fame, gaining that honor in 1991, after completing an unbelievable perfect season on the national martial arts tournament circuit. In that same year, he became the first competitor in American martial arts tournament history ever to receive unanimous 10-point (perfect) scores from each of the judges at a major national martial arts competition (1991 Diamond Nationals Karate Tournament). He finished the 1991 season with the incredible feat of walking away as the Grand Champion in every single tournament he entered that year.
Ho-Sung Pak has been ranked as the number one martial arts competitor in the nation numerous times by various governing martial arts organizations, such as N.A.S.K.A. (North American Sport Karate Association) and the P.K.L. (Professional Karate League). He was legendary on the tournament circuit for his truly awesome mastery of the martial arts. His gravity-defying feats, such as being able to execute 4 to 5 kicks in midair before landing, his 720 degree kick, where his body would spin two complete revolutions before kicking, and his incredible butterfly twist, where his body would spin one and a half rotations while being perfectly parallel with the ground, were all just a part of his legendary repertoire. When he was actively competing, he definitely took martial arts competitions to a new level of excellence never before seen.
Among the many weapons Ho-Sung Pak has mastery over, he is especially well-known for his dazzling and uncanny use of the sword. With a sword in one hand, or in both hands, Ho-Sung Pak awes spectators with a display of swordsmanship the likes of which few have ever witnessed before. One must truly behold Ho-Sung Pak performing his dazzling display of swordplay with his or her own eyes in order to truly understand and appreciate the incredible skill he possesses.
Ho-Sung Pak has worked extensively in film, TV, and various multimedia projects. Notably, he starred in "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II," and "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III," as the character of Raphael. He co-starred with Jackie Chan in the Asian box office smash, "Drunken Master II (released in America as Legend of Drunken Master). He starred in Fox Television's popular TV show, "WMAC Masters," as the character of Superstar. Ho-Sung played the character of Liu Kang for Bally/Midway's popular arcade game hits, "Mortal Kombat," and "Mortal Kombat II." He was most recently seen hosting the popular TV infomercial for the best selling fitness product known as "Slam Man," along with world champion boxing legend, Sugar Ray Leonard. Ho-Sung Pak has finished filming "Book of Swords," an exciting action movie, and "Epoch of Lotus," a spectacular dramatic movie which has already garnered several awards and is headed for the 2001 Cannes Film Festival in France. Ho-Sung also helped Madonna and her dancers get ready for their upcoming 2001 world tour by training them in martial arts moves and helping them with their dance choreography. He currently has several TV and film projects in the works in Chicago and Los Angeles.

Brother of Hoyoung Pak.

Plays Henry in Jackie Chan's Drunken Master

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